LUNARSEA is an Italian band that kinda surprised me with their black metal (or whatever it is that they want to call their metal). Anders Ekdahl ©2013

As I don’t know too much about LUNARSEA could you please give me and everybody else a short introduction to the band
-hi guys!!! we are a band of Rome, we are born in the early 2000s as a prog band, but after many experiments we realized that our path had to be different. After two demo now we are on the third album, with good satisfaction. if someone wants to know each other better can find our information on the network.

How important is that the band’s name fit with the music, as a sort of declaration of intent?
-the name reminds you who you are. is your trademark, we can say that ours is very versatile, it can represent the tranquility and at the same time the fury and anger. I would say that we have chosen a great name

How satisfied are you with your latest recorded work? What kind of hopes do you have for it?
-on HLY we have invested heavily, both economically and physically ; and therefore was not indeed no easy build it, because it was not a spontaneous process. we worked so hard to achieve a certain standard of performance, were chosen the right words for the lyrics, and deliberately we have deleted of those typical and banal phrases that you can find in almost all productions..

How did you come to sound the way you do? What have been the most important inspirations/influences?
-Our sources come from prog, from classic metal and especially by the Swedish scene. we are trying to create for ourselves a typical sound that try to deviate from important schools but now old. in Italy is growing a movement that might lead to the emergence of a italic sound

How much do you look to the past of your culture for inspiration? How important is the older culture to the band?
-really, we look a bit in all directions. once we deal with technology, another time we dive into the past to remind us of our roots. and especially trying to enlighten our identity and not that of someone else. Rome gives you a chance to talk about every current, every religion, every innovation. we do not need to imitate anyone else, having everything already here.

What kind of topics do you deal with in your lyrics? How important are the lyrics to the music?
-our arguments are different, the concept remains the same, then everyone gives judgment it deems appropriate. talk about the future and old religions in the same cd for us it makes no difference. is the diversity that makes an interesting product. the texts are not only made to satisfy the metric or the sound. for example: this environment is an open space, galaxies and microcosms, then many classic words (death, blood, terror and other banal words) were excluded because non-existent

Do LUNARSEA adhere to a certain aesthetic? Is there an image to be applied to the band?
-to this question I do not know what to say. the idea that I have about the image is simple, spontaneous. but behind there so much refinement. is an aspect that I had never thought,you should ask one of our fans

How do you define success in terms of the band? What is success to you?
-we’re still waiting success that we deserve. if it do not come, we have to do? I think every band believe to deserve more than they get

Is LUNARSEA a live band? What would you need to put on the most exquisite live show?
-we are a live band, but we are also a homeband, we do a great job at home and tell the truth, I love it!!! those who has seen us says that we are a bomb, we would like prove it more often.

Any plans for the future?
-to play, to drive to play, to fly to play… well, play in every place!

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