MACBETH from Germany are thrash in its purest form. No core of any kind to found anywhere which is a relief. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I was a bit disappointed when I discovered that you weren’t the Italian Macbeth. What does it mean having more than one band with the same name operating in the same kind of genre?
-We started in 1985 as MACBETH…and why should we change our name after 27 years ???

The Berlin wall fell in 1989. Is there still a difference being a band from eastern Germany compared to being a western German band?
-There is no difference between a band from the east or the west side.

You sing in German. Does that alter the way the music comes out as opposed to singing in English?
-German is our mother tongue and for us it is the best way to explain our thoughts. Others who are much more into english should use that language.

Just from reading the titles I get a feeling that most of your lyrics are about war. Where do you get inspiration from to write the lyrics?
-War is a part of the history since mankind exists and mankind don’t understand that violence will be no solution…so it is our goal to touch that sensitive issue over and over again.

How does the album title tie in with the song titles and lyrics? What does the Wiedergänger represent to you?
-The “Wiedergänger” is the evil in man with different faces.

When you record bonus tracks do you use old left-overs or do you do covers? Why call them bonus tracks?
-The four additional tracks are re-recordings of our original 1985 demotape…as they don’t really fit to the album itself, they are called simply “bonus tracks” and are part of the special digi CD only…as a
special gift for the die-hard fans.

Do you have to offer a bit more these days for people to take notice of your album?
-We have a huge fan base, but we always try to reach more people with our message and music.

What would you say is the strong-points of your new album? Why should people buy it?
-There are very few metal bands which write German lyrics. The sound of our language fits perfectly to our music. This combination is very unique and has a big recognition value.

When you formed in 1985 did you see the band surviving this long? What has been the best/worst with being in a band?
-Nobody thought that we will be still active in 2012, when we started in 1985. Greatest moments were sold out gigs in the 80s, but also some actual shows. The most fatal moments were the prohibition of the band and the two suicides by our original singer and later the drummer.

What do you plan for the future?
-We will play a tour to promote the album.

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