MACHINE GUN KELLY sounds like the name of an 80s hair band but this Italian band are very much contemporary. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

When you look back and see how far you have come what do you think of this crazy journey so far and where the heck will it take us?
-So far we’ve made 2 demos, 3 albums and a lot of concerts especially in Italy.
It has been a pleasant experience, we had a lot of fun.
We are not wondering where this will take us, we just hope to go on playing and have the same enthusiasm in the times ahead.

I often wonder how people discover that they can do what they do. How did you discover that you can sing and play instruments?
-It happened back in the school days. While listening to our favorite music, we got passionate about an instrument and tried to learn how to play it.
While growing up, we perfected our knowledge of the instrument or switched to another one, or even started singing.

When did it become a revelation that you can do this and maybe get paid for having fun, instead of just putting out all the money?
-It happened back in 2000, when some friends asked us to play at their birthday parties. After some time, thanks to the support of a bunch of faithful followers, we started playing in pubs being paid to do so. Anyway in the underground scene it often happens that an agreed-upon price is not respected and, in the end, playing live is more a matter of passion.

When you spend an amount of your life on a band does it ever feel like you have wasted time, that you have fought one too many windmills?
-It never happens. Even if we haven’t become successful musicians, it’s always nice to play. The real value is the conviviality, the face-to-face friendship of people who share the same passion.

No matter how small or big you were as a band you will leave a legacy behind you. How do you want people to treat this legacy?
-We essentially are a live act and we just hope that people will keep joyful memories of the time spent at our shows.

Is digital taking away the mystery of waiting for a new album now that you can upload as soon as you have written a song?
-The fact that digital makes it possible to publish a song right after completing it does not mean that you have to do so. You are still free to keep the mystery alive and continue surprising your fans the old way.

How important is image in separating you from all the million different styles of metal there is out there?
-Image is certainly important and there are bands who take care of it a lot, but we prefer to focus on music.

Do you deal in different topics lyrically or do you keep to one, just using different variations?
-Our lyrics are about everyday life, sometimes depicted ironically and sometimes in a serious way.

Do you consider yourself a live artist or do you like to spend most of the time secluded in a studio?
-We are basically live artists, but lately, perhaps because of the advancing age which has made us more thoughtful, we have become a little more attentive to the quality of production and spent more time in the studio taking care of the details.

How much of a touring band are you guys? What memories do you take with you?
-As we said above, we are basically live artists. On stage we have fun and we like to entertain people. The memories we bring with us are the cheerful faces of people in the audience and the words of those who, at the end of the gigs, come over and tell us that they enjoyed the show.

11. What does the future hold?

We’ll try to improve ourselves and possibly also experiment with some new sounds.

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