In the late 80s/early 90s I was down with Sisters Of Mercy like everybody else. When I heard MADNESS OF THE NIGHT the first time I came to think of a goth metal version of SOM. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Is the name important in establishing what kind of metal it is that you play?
Daniel: I do not think our name actually reflects what kind of music we are playing. We are a blend of different styles, but our roots come from the 80Žs / 90Žs Darkwave, Gothic Rock, Post Punk era. However, our sound is a mix. Some people label us as Gothic Rock, some say Gothic Metal or even Punk roots. All depends on who you ask and there are different opinions on this issue. The most important for us is to create good music we like and we are very pleased with people who enjoy it.

Just so we know what we are dealing with could you please give us a short introduction to the band?
-Madness of the Night is Daniel Dante (music) and Abir Blackshadow (voice). We are married and we found each other over internet. Abir is from Lebanon and Daniel is from Sweden. We had a band together earlier but we ended that chapter when we became a family and this took much of
our time. However, three years ago we restarted again. Daniel began to create music and Abir sang on his song, we got good response and this became later what we are today, Madness of the Night.

How do you find your sound? Do you take a whole bunch of influences and mix them together to make it your brew?
-Our sound is based on the music we like. Like we said, we take much inspiration from the 80Žs and 90s gothic scene. Daniel have a background in metal and loves heavy guitars. He played in some
metalbands in the 80s and 90s. In the 90s Daniel was a member of Soulgrinder that also had a gothic style with influences of metal and industrial. Abir is more into neofolk and gothic rock. She also find much inspiration from arabic classical singer like Majida El Roumi and Fairuz.

Is art work and lay out still as important when more and more people download legally music to their phones or ipads/computers?
-Yes, the art and lay out is still something that you often meet and find an interest for. Even if it is a digital cover over the internet or a web page. Jan Yrlund “Darkgrove” is behind the cover layout of The Asgarda and we think he have made a fantastic work. Many times you can find out somehow how a band sounds just by seeing the cover or what kind of music they play. However, our cover is not a typical design for a Gothic Rock band. It is normally very minimalistic, a symbol maybe black and white or something. But we do not want to limit ourselves to only the Gothic audience, we want to reach out beyond that. I think that our cover however can tell something about us and bring the an idea to the beholding eye what we are and how we sounds like.

What are your feelings on this development of digital replacing physical?
-In technical terms, things are easier and there is more space inside the studio. We started in the 80s with a four channel tape recorder, today the computer brings you much more opportunities. The
same with the distribution, before we trade tapes and you never knew when they reach and oftenly you never got a reply. Today you can expose yourself over internet. However, internet is like a ocean with great music but also much garbage. So, it is still not easy.

Do you agree that digital is killing the music scene as we know it now?
-Yes and No, the music scene is developing to something different. Sometimes it is hard to change and maybe you have to listen to the audience and the people out there. As a band or a label or whatever, you have to develop too sometimes. Today you can buy our digital CD easy from Massacre Records download store for one third of the price than you buy it in some shops. You can get it from wherever you are and it reach you in no time. I think labels and artist have to meet the audience and
to fight the pirated downloads to make it easy for them and meet them in price. Another important thing is also that the people who love music should understand that it is much hard work and a lot of money putted into to create an album. If everyone only download and not support the
bands they like, many bands will stop making music.

How important is playing live today? Is there still a live scene to talk about? Do people still go to shows? To me it seems that it is all big tour packages or festivals that are left.
-It can be a good way to come out and meet your audience and get new fans as well. Madness of the Night have not played live yet, we still thinking of to put together something. However Daniel played live in other bands back in the 80s and 90s. And we are working on it if possible.

How has the internet changed the feeling of community in being a local band playing local shows? Does it still feel that you are a product of your surrounding area?
-Our aim have never been to be a local band. We felt instead that we got more support from other countries outside Sweden. Our music we play got audience all over the world so why focus on your neighbor? Internet is a good way to promote and it is not more far to the other side of earth than to our neighbor.

I guess that most bands go through one or two lineup changes. How do you as a band contain your sound when one member leaves and a new one arrive?
-We are at the moment only two in Madness of the Night, Abir as vocalist and Daniel songwriter. It is the most important persons inside a band. If you change any of them you will probably change the sound. But as I said before, we are thinking to expand and be able to play live
in the future.

What would you like to see the future bring with it?
-We have just released our first full cd The Asgarda and our wish is that the audience love it as much as we do. We looking forward to start on our next album, we already wrote some songs we feel proud of and we expect to play live, make many albums to come. Thank you for the interview.

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