In a world were there are so many bands to keep track of I want to bring my two cents in presenting you to this interview with MAJESTICA. Anders Ekdahl ©2019

What kind of vision did you have when you started and how has it changed over the years?
Alex: Hi and thank you for all these questions!
Well before we even thought about the name Majestica we actually went in to the studio as ReinXeed efter a long break we had due to different circumstances.
With this record we wanted to feel free to do all things the way that me Tommy and Chris wanted it to be. During the recordings we started to feel that this is something new, fresh and better than ever before! Whit that in our minds we started talking about maybe start from the beginning and make this a new band, with new visions and nobody to tell us what to do.
Also we had already separated with Alfred on the drums, witch as well was a new thing for the band.
All these changes led up to the new name Majestica, and a new band was born!
Even the recording process was quite different from before, this time me Tommy and Chris went in to the studio together and worked our asses off for a couple of weeks to make the best album we ever made!

Does location mean anything today? We used to hear about how it was all location, location, location back in the days if you wanted to make it big? That you had to come from a certain place to be sure to make it.
Alex:I dont think that location is that big a deal now a days. I mean the internet has totally changed the music scene for good and bad.
The internet has made it so much easier to get good contacts and to distribute your songs to the public even though it also has made it harder to earn some money on your art, or at least go break even.

What is it like to be a in a band and to get to tour all over the world? What kind of feelings do that bring about?
Alex:Its the best feeling you could ever have, and i wish that more people could feel the thrill of that.
Its actually quite hard to explain the feeling, but the joy i get when meeting all these great people on the road, all with with different cultures, music tastes, origin, political background etc. exceeds everything i’ve ever felt before.
I mean music totally make people come together and lay all problems and issues aside!!!
Also we get to see a lot of great places!

What kind of feedback have you had on your music, your latest album and in general? How important is feedback?
Alex:Feedback is very important i would say, it kind of sets the temperature for the band if you get what i mean.
If the feedback is bad, the motivation of a band can sometimes go down i bit compared to if the feedback is good and the band get hungry and thrive. I could compare feedback as wood to a fire:P
The feedback on our new album above the sky has ben absolutely amazing!!! All the reviews are on top and our fans dig this as hell!

How do you know that you have written a “hit” song? Is there a particular feeling you get when you know that this is the one, this is the big “make it song”?
Alex:Good question!! I don’t really know actually haha! All the times i feel that this is the hit song i have ben wrong 😛 For me its all about a catchy song, if the song is catchy and sticks in your brain like glue after one listening, thats the hit if you ask me!

As I am no musician I will never got to know the difference of analogue and digital. Can you explain the difference to me? what are the pros and cons of analogue V/S digital?
Alex:Haha this is the nerd question number one and i will try to keep it short! But i should warn you that if you met me after a gig over a couple of beers i could go on all night just talking about analog vs digital gear 😛 (Yes i am a gear nerd!)
For me analog gear gives more warmth and body to the sound and also a lot more character on the instruments, and this things affect your playing i would say.
Digital gear now a days emulate the analog gear to the point that you ALMOST cant hear the difference, but i would say that you still can feel it when playing your instrument. Its like something is missing in the tone…

What is it like to have people you never met liking your music and singing along to it at gigs?
Alex: Awesome! Just awesome! I don’t know what more to say about it…
Its the greatest proof of our music being good.

How important are lyrics to you guys? Do you have any messages that you want to get forward?
Alex: For me its important that the lyrics keeps you interested of the song in general but it don’t really have to spread any message, but more tell a story.
I love when lyrics have a twist in it or a lot of humor in it just like mötley true, or father time.

I love a really cool cover but I get the feeling that today with all this digital uploading/downloading people aren’t that concerned about artwork. How do you feel?
Alex:I would say that you are totally on the spot there.
The internet is not good all the time!
I mean people tends to over consume art in general, no matter if its films, music, books etc… Its to easy to get hold of good art and that makes people a bit lazy in the end i would say.
I glad that the vinyl is on its way back though! And that will make the artwork take a bigger place in the future i think.

What does the future hold?
Alex:A lot of exciting things…
We are currently looking over the possibilities to go out on the road sometime in the future and of course more majestic music to come!!! 😉
Thank you and cheers!

Alex – Guitarist in Majestica

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