I have the outmost respect for the Italian metal scene which is why I want to push MALEDIA to the forground. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you have been going for 12 years how frustrating is it that you haven’t made it big when Lacuna Coil is being hailed as the saviour of Italian metal?
-First I want to thank you for this interview, thanks. Rock and metal genres are not mainstream in Italy makes the Italian groups have many difficulties to emerge, Lacuna Coil have had huge success for a long time abroad, and only recently are also famous in Italy, finally. I’m happy for them, a great Italian example.

What is it that has kept you back? Why haven’t you gone on to bigger and better things?
-It’s several years we have a stable band, excellent musicians, one of our rehearsal room, all the conditions just to get better, but it is very difficult to find people who believe in a project as this. It’s hard to find a label that invests in your projects, media and label have absolutely no interest in promoting rock and metal.

What is Rome like for a metal band? Do you get to play live a lot?
-It’s difficult for underground bands get to play live (unless you do cover, usually) and we have a picture of the situation is pretty depressing. Rome is a big city, there are many clubs, but only very few do play live rock, and often they don’t pay your performance, and even to get a beer you have to pay… seems that local managers will almost make you a favour by playing. Here in Italy to take part in important festivals or opening for great bands playing, you have to pay agency or pay directly the organizers … a really bad situation for emerging bands, the true artist is demoralized …
You have some releases to your name. Do you feel that with each new record you take the necessary steps forward in making the band name a household brand for metalheads all over the world?
-The Maledia project is to go ahead and always against all the difficulties, there is much competition between similar bands, so you have to do better. We are already thinking about the next album, new songs, new sounds. Hoping to be appreciated throughout the world
How important are the lyrics to you? Do you follow a theme when you write them or is it anything can go?
-Each song has its own theme and its own text. The theme was inspired by something specific and you almost never repeated in other songs. The lyrics are written, usually by the singer Luana, while the music is composed by the rest of the band.
How do you come up with ideas for songs that haven’t already been done? Where do you find inspiration?
-Songs are born from the ideas of all five of us, is a very difficult and long process, join together five ideas, but eventually comes out a beautiful satisfactory result. Maledia everything that they wrote, is first passed into the heads of all five of us, developed and improved.

How do you go about breaking out of Italy and into the international metal scene? How do you go about making a name for yourself?
-Need to play live, participate in international events such as festivals, work hard, and make good promotion for the new CD. But often it is not always easy, because we too have a job that engages most of the day; we try to go all out to become an international band, but cannot deny that it will be a very difficult path.
What is it that you want to achieve with Maledia? Do you have any greater plans for the band?
-We want our infinite passion for music turned into a project called Maledia, can go every day more and better, cut out a slice of international reputation. We are working on a possible release of a music video, still nothing confirmed.

How will you make the most of the summer of 2012 for the band?
-We will organize live to promote the release of our new CD “YOUR ANGELS CRY”, or play in some summer rock festivals, then end of the year we will enter the studio to record new songs … you can always follow us on our official website, greetings from Mechanix and all the band members Maledia

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