MALEFICE and Marcus Hahnemann interview from Soccer AM

Check out MALEFICE when they teamed up with football legend Marcus Hahnemann for their Jägermeister ‘Ice Cold’ Studio Session, where rock bands and icons meet for the first time in a recording studio and ‘break the ice’ by working on a track together.

Marcus Hahnemann, US international goalkeeper (“Best goalkeeper in the world” – 2009/2010 Castrol Performance Index) who is currently playing for Everton is a well known heavy metal fan but this will be the first time he has ever taken his passion for metal into a recording studio.

Marcus Hahnemann said: “Today I have come down to London for the Arsenal game. Getting ready for the game always includes some heavy rock to get me going. But I can’t stop thinking about when I am coming back down here in a few weeks to record with Malefice! So hopefully my love of music and their love of football with translate to a really cool track!”

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