Not everything needs to be polished to be good. MALIGNANT CHRIST proved that even with a not so good sound you can still get your death metal point through. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What is the inspiration and influence behind Malignant Christ?
-Malignant Christ is influenced by misanthropy and morbidity, hatred and pain, carnage and torture, and sickness!

What struck me first about Malignant Christ was that you seem to follow in an American tradition of anti-christian black/death metal set by bands like Demonic Christ and its ilks. How do you view MC’s place in the grander scale?
-I guess we’re part of the underground but I try not to put Malignant Christ in line with anything else because then you limit yourself. I think logically all bands are part of some kind of scene whether it’s with other bands your friends/allies with or whatever but overall every band should be a unique entity onto itself and not a part of some greater whole on purpose. I feel like the bands who do that, especially ones that are always talking about how they have to be part of their local scene and that’s like the be all end all are usually just filler bands that probably won’t go anywhere. Once again I feel like if you confine yourself to your role inside of a larger group then you’ve just put a ceiling on what you can accomplish and usually people who do that are idiots.

What kind of role does the graphic side of the album artwork play? Do you have a bigger and bolder idea with the artwork than just being an album cover?
-Well we consider ourselves to be somewhat of a… I guess “smart” band would be a good way to put it. Our lyrics tend to be very verbose, because we like to use left field words and phrases to describe things in ways that someone wouldn’t typically hear. So the art has to go with that. That’s why we chose to use some art from Henri Fuselli. Plus Fuselli has some fantastically dark artwork. Even his stuff that is supposed to be serene is dark. I think that goes hand in hand with Malignant Christ and our atmosphere. Atmosphere is the most important thing to us when creating music.

How important is it to have a message/intent with everything you do concerning Malignant Christ?
-If there is a message it’s to think for yourself but I think that that’s the way death metal has always been. Really we just try to be creative and write sick music. We’re not a political or a social band so I guess in that sense there isn’t really any sort of message. As a person I am very isolated in the I don’t leave my house very much and I don’t try to socialize with other people in my area unless they have something in common with me which most metalheads here do not. I think Joey is more or less the same way. I think the misanthropy in our music is a big characteristic and we have a lot of occult iconography. So those things could be viewed as points we are trying to get across.

I can understand why anybody wants to release something with a not so perfect sound but who will be interested in buying something that sounds like it is played on empty tin cans?
-Sometime bad production helps a records atmosphere. I mean really, do you feel anything coming out of these bands now that have perfect production and are so unbelievably sterile? To me the old Morrisound Production on like say “Considered Dead” by Gorguts or “Blessed are the Sick” by Morbid Angel is about as clear as I would want us to be. I really like Nile’s production as well, for a modern reference or Drawn and Quartered. I would like to get that production on the 1st Hate Eternal album someday as well. But I never want us to be over polished. I think for a band like us it would ruin the feeling. I think our audience understands this and doesn’t judge a record based solely on if it was recorded for free like we did or if it was done in some big studio owned by Electra records or something with 2,000 channels and so many different gadgets you’d never even know what each does. But that’s just me and that’s my opinion. I really should stress that we also had no budget on this album. We were rejected by all of the studios within driving distance of us because of our name and our lyrics, etc… So we recorded it all at my house on my equipment which actually turned out to be a very rewarding experience and I am happy with everything we put down.

How do you intend on promoting the album? Is it an album or just a demo on CD?
-This is our 1st full length. Right now Forbidden Records is helping us promote and they are doing a near perfect job. We are very fortunate to be working with them. We also have some great fans like Randy Rath and a few others helping us out. We are also trying to get more shows greater distances away. So hopefully 2012 will see us start to take off.

Do you see any specific markets that you want to target for the record or are you just content that the record is out there now?
-We’re mostly just content that it is out there. Our impression is that if you don’t like death metal you won’t like us and if you like underground death metal then you might get into us.

What are your views on the digital downloading scene? Is it “true” death metal, downloading stuff onto your computer?
-I think downloading is just the new way of tape trading, like it fills the same niche. So long as people know who we are I don’t care how they got the album. We aren’t in this for money anyway. If we were we would’ve already given up. I also think that death metal and metal in general attracts and holds a certain collector vibe, so there will always be people, myself included, who want the whole package and the physical release.

What kind of role does the Social Medias play in promoting Malignant Christ? Can these medias be used to do good or are they just tools to numbify people?
-I think it’s been very good to us. I don’t think we would’ve met as many people or made as many fans or gotten so spread out in the 5 years we’ve been around had it not been for the internet. In some ways yes I could see where it would over saturate the music because it makes it a lot easier to get your band out there and there will be more low quality acts coming out but that would’ve happened regardless just not on such a grand scale.

Will there be a future for Malignant Christ and what will it behold?
-We have already begun writing our 2nd album, so look for it in the next few years. We still have a lot of promoting to do on this one and hopefully we will be visiting a cemetery near you soon!

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