Sweden’s a great place to live in many aspects but if you want to see live music you gotta be prepared to suffer through troubadours and cover artists. Ask MASCOT PARADE about it. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

When you’re debut album is a far back as 2008 does it feel like you are starting anew with this new album?
-Yes, absolutely! We’ve spent a lot of time searching our own sound and we’ve found our sound with this second album.

Why has it taken almost five years to get a new album out? Isn?t that like commercial suicide?
-It’s no commercial suicide since the five years were needed to complete the cycle, so to speak. We released “Deathmatch” in .08 and did some great touring for it. Then we hooked up with producer Chips Kiesbye and started the whole process of writing another album. A lot of soul-searching and digging deep inside took place, to write the best songs possible for the best possible 2nd album.

When you work with somebody like Chips how much can you utilize his knowledge in order to further your sound? How much of his knowledge did you have to leave out?
-We were in endless discussions about the music, the whole band plus Chips. He has a great ear for great music, we just couldn’t lie to him. He questioned us several times, to make sure the songs turned out to be the greatest and not just good, so to speak.

How does the equation for your mix of rock and metal look like? What part is what?
I sing! I don’t scream. We don’t play a a thousand miles an hour. Think the metal part is the heaviness of our music, the aggressive atmosphere, the aggressive melancholy and the darkness of our music. The rock-side of our sound is maybe the melodies, since we always tend to use a lot of melodies. No melodies, no song! Think we use melodies more as rockbands than metalbands.

What can we expect from this new album? How different is it to the debut, for those who have heard it?
-They who loved our first album, will adore this new one. It’s way different from the first album, but it is the same band. If the first album was our first step trying to define our sound, the second one really define our sound!
You can expect a really dark, heavy album, an album(!) full of melodies from a band with their own unique sound.

How hard was/is it to get signed to a good label these days? Has it become easier or is the global economy so fucked up that nobody wants to gamble these days?
-Don’t know really, what others say, but for us it’s been good. Of course you can feel how the music industry is in trouble, but we’ve had loads of offers. We just couldn’t settle for anything we didn’t feel was right for the band.

Sweden is like the capital of rock/metal these days. Does that really show in the interest you get once people discover that you are Swedish?
-Sometimes yes. When we’re on tour we always bump into people that are excited to check us out since they’ve heard we’re from Sweden, even if they’ve never heard us before. And they always walk away with a new Mascot Parade t-shirt!

Sweden hasn’t been known as a great place to play live unless you are a big name band. Has that changed or is the interest for live music still low unless you play covers in a bar?
-No change whatsoever! No interest if you’re not Metallica, Bruce Springsteen or Iron Maiden. You know, dinosaurs.

What do the social media mean in terms of getting the band’s name out there?
-Social media plays a major role for bands getting their names out. A great label, touring and media in general. Plus people you can trust whom you work with.

What future would you like to see for the band?
-Well, we start touring in March and have some great touring plans laid out on the table. So we want to keep on touring as much as possible. And since the album is coming out February 1st we really hope people will get the chance hearing it. It will be worth their while! And album number three is on the horizon, so the future holds more albums and more touring. A simple plan, really!

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