massive scare eraEgypt might not be the first place you go looking for a metal band but if you miss a band like System of a Down or Coal Chamber you might want to lend MASSIVE SCAR ERA an ear or two. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

Could you tell us not in the know about the band?
-We started off in 2005 as an all girl band…

Your latest EP is rather old now. How hard is it for you to write and record new music?
.it’s both hard and expensive.. we are out of money so we didnt record another EP and we wanted to record a full length album so we thought to wait till we collect money

How much of your culture both musically aa well as socially do you incorporate in your music?
-it’s 100 % socially and culturally affected !! with so much happening in Egypt .. we can’t help not to get influenced

What band(s) have been most important in shaping your sound and how do you feel that the band has developed from the initial idea?
-I think classical music has a great influence … Killswitch Engage + Paramore and so many

I noticed that you were featured in an article in a major Swedish news paper. What response did you get on that feature?
-The problem that it targets normal readers not people who are interested in metal music … for them .. it’s interesting to read about a band that lives in a country that’s not stable politically or has issues with women generally … so they get attracted to the story not the content .. which is of course a bad thing

What kind of expisure do you get being Egyptisn and having both male and female members?
-we get exposure when they share our music, it sounds interesting .. the violin’s arrangement in the songs makes it original and new to the ear

How do you avoid drawing the authorities attebtion to you while the band gets more and more popular? How repressive a aociety is the Egyptian?
-we arent that famous in Egypt.. we might be known in the metal scene but not in the big pop music scene.. as long as we are not famous and that we sing in English that wouldnt really bother

How much touring do you do? What has been the greatest live experience so far?
-Every tour .. every place we go is a new experience and it’s always exciting meeting new people .. hearing new bands.. getting inspired by cultures
our summer tour in 2012 ” Sorry we don’t speak the language” summer tour was very very interesting because we went to many countries they spoke different languages

What is it like to come out and meet likeminded around the world? Is there a difference in metalheads attitudes?
-it’s awesome when you meet people that doesnt speak your language and you headbang to music together .. the feelings is priceless

What does the future hold?
-we are going to USA to record our album .. we launched a crowdfunding campaign and we would really appreciate if everyone reading this can donate with even 1$ to help us with the expenses–2/x/2865068#comments

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