MASTER needs no introduction. If you don’t know of them you have been living under a rock or something for the last decades. Paul graciously answered my questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

What is MASTER up to in 2016?
-Hmm, just returned 2 days ago from 22 shows in 23 days in the USA! Fests coming, European dates again and South America in December as well, busy as every year.

MASTER has been going for quite some years now. Is today a good time for MASTER?
-I guess since cutting back a bit to 100 shows per year it’s pretty good. The latest record An Epiphany of hate is selling so things must be ok I guess, right?

What state is metal in today?
-This is a tough question, I am old school and I still see clones of all the old time favorites, nothing new unless you consider crappy melodic vocals in aggressive metal new. Styx meets Venom is nothing for me.

How does the initial intent of MASTER differ from the intent of MASTER 2016? Have you changed the way you look at the band over the years?
-I still see things the same as always. Read the lyrics of the latest Master. The music speaks for itself. We live in a world of hate and turmoil and I like to share my thoughts and ideas for change in my music. Master records are like a chronological history of the events that shape the future. We are in need of changes but the youth of today have fallen asleep at the wheel, so the end is near my friend.

Do you as a band feel that you are heading for a more DIY attitude today or are you as band still
dependent on outside sources to run the day to day business?
-Master has always been a DIY band, except record labels have been releasing and re-re-leasing the original works over and over and this helps get exposure for the band. I have been booking shows, festivals and many tours on my own since the beginning!

When you pick songs for a set list how do you go about choosing which ones to play?
-I just roll the dice.

I have a feeling that live music is nowadays much more about big tours and festivals and that it is harder to set up smaller tours and have them pay for themselves. How has the live environment changed over the years?
-Our small tours always pay for themselves!

With MASTER having been around for so long are there still things to do and places to discover? What have you not done that you’d like to do?
-Sure we need to go to Australia and New Zealand, China etc. There are always new places to visit.

What will the future hold?
-More albums, tours, etc.

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