I gotta admit that I knew nothing about this band before I got their latest album in my mail box. But boy was I impressed by MASTIC SCUM. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

Let’s start with an easy one. Could you please give us a short introduction into the what the name MASTIC SCUM is all about?
-Hey there! Well, this was pretty long time ago that we came up with this idea as a band name, it was in the beginning of the 90s, we were very influenced by bands like Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror and Carcass and we have been kinda focused throughout our lyrics and thoughts on this idea of a corrupt system and society’s scum … therefore we used the word scum and combined it with mastication … so the name MASTIC SCUM got created. Now, years after, this idea seems to still keep its actuality and we continued going along the thread. On our new album “CTRL” we focused again on this topic, the lyrics are about our society or better said, about a kind of future vision on our society when everything needs to be developed and controlled… mankind uses machines in order to simplify our daily life activities, but actually, life is getting more complicated and hard … The world is developing from technological means and everything speeds up, even time, but even so we seem to lack time and control and we lose ourselves in this system. For example there are songtitles like „Controlled Collapse“, „Dehumanized“, „Cause & Effect“ on our new album „CTRL“.

When you start a band with what intentions do you do so?
-uhm … creating music and playing live!

How have your expectations so far matched the progress of the band? Has it been easier or harder than you expected?
-Well, I`m doing this more than 20 years now … there are hard times and also good times. I’ve never expected too big things in running a deathmetal or grindcore band as I always enjoyed what we did and I’ve never lost the focus on creating music, to releasing albums and playing live. Its always a kind of circle in writing-process, releasing an album and playing live shows. Also to move steps forward in this … and as long we are successful in it and we enjoy what we do, we will do it.

How do you feel that you rate on an international scale? What bands would you say that you are equal to?
-Ogh, though question … I really cannot say anything about this as it’s hard for me to compare the own band with others … also I never saw it as a competition.

How hard is it to build a band’s name today? What are you competing against in terms of getting people interested?
-Well, first of all creativity and passion for music are the key ingredients. You must really know your gear and you must do the work that needs to be done with pleasure. It is not all about fun and fame you know, it is much more than that! As there are so many bands out there right now I think it’s pretty hard to build up a new band and get famous in short time even if there is a lot of social media helping you … sure there are some bands which got pretty famous in pretty short time with the help of social media… but this also happened 20 years ago without all this.

Is it your feeling that it was easier in the 80s to build a band’s career than it is today?
-No … I think it will be the same hard or easy … you know, time is changing and social life with it too… so it will always be the same process … 20 years ago you made promotion through magazines and spreading flyers by post, then with the internet things got faster, you made promotion through your website, then myspace, now facebook … next … so, there are always new opportunities, it’s just about to deal with it!

Has the increase in band’s fighting for the same spot of glory been a good thing or is it simply a bad thing?
-I think it’s the best to choose the way in-between … fighting too hard for glory will not work for a band as you lose the idea of art … on the other side of course if what you do is appreciated then you are even more motivated to continue doing it and we are grateful for all support!!!… but still u can create the best music in the world if you do not promote it out here, it will not work, will remain unheard… so you should always hav a kind of target or to focus on the next level and to work on it. If u check the history of MASTIC SCUM you can see that there is always a kind of development, kind of progress we made with each release. On the last albums you can hear the kind of progress in songwriting and production we made step by step. And the new release “CTRL” is for sure the most intense release in the history of MASTIC SCUM.

When you have an album to promote how much does that force you to think about things that you could have done better? Can you enjoy your latest record for what it is when you perhaps constantly are reminded of what could have been done differently?
-Well, as we always take minimum about 3 years to make a new album this question is out of sight… we always took our time to work on it till we are really satisfied with the whole product… this includes the songwriting, the lyrics, the concept, the sound … everything.

How pleased are you with your latest recorded work? What will you do differently next time?
-I would say that our new album “CTRL” is the most extreme and developed album from MASTIC SCUM till now. We are really satisfied with the final product. We will continue our trace and will try to make the next album better than the last one… this was always our intention. Developing as a band in the technical way, production point of view and so on… as I already mentioned we really put all our time and energy in the last album and so we will do on our next album. We always liked to improve as a band and so we will also try to put our next album on a higher level.

Any other plans for the future?
-Presently, we play some live-shows, also there are plans for a European tour and we are thinking about making a DVD… and lets also see what future will bring. I also wanna say again a big THX FOR SUPPORT to all our fans out there through all the years! Check out our new album “CTRL” if not done yet haha – hope you enjoy it and hope to see you all at our shows. BLAAAAAAST!!!!

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