MEATSHANK might be another new band to most of you but they sure deserves your attention so why not read the interview and then check them out for yourself. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I guess I’m not alone in knowing very little about Meatshank. What’s your history guys?
Vince-Hi, I’m Vince. I play guitar and do vocals.
Murry-I’m Murry, I play bass and do backing vocals.
Shane-I’m Shane, I’m the drummer and RV driver.
Shane- I was in another band playing guitar. Then I got sick of looking for drummers so I decide I’ll do it, how hard can it be. So I began playing with one of our old guitarist friends.
Murry and Vince had played together in a couple bands, the most recent of which had broken up a few months before. When me and our old guitarist were looking for another guitarist and a bassist Vince and Murry were like, “We can do it. But you should get better.” This was in August of ’05. A year of belittling later and we started playing shows.
Vince-Since then we’ve played many shows around the country and self-released two albums.

I get a very “jazzy”, almost Atheist feeling about you guys just from looking at the promo shots. What kind of “image” do you want to be associated with?
Vince- I’m not entirely sure which promo shot you are referring to, but I think it’s the MEATSHANK+1 pic.
If so, that’s actually a parody of the South Park episode “Faith+1”.(bad ass episode)
Murry- We like to have fun here at MEATSHANK.
Shane- The only image we want to portray is that we’re just 3 guys who love playing metal. We’re not trying to push an agenda or be stuck on ourselves.

When it comes to inspiration, is there any single band/musician that has had a bigger impact on you guys?
Vince-no. No single musicians.
Murry- lots of bands have had an influence on the way we write.
Shane- just listen to our music, our influences are evident.
Murry- you know like, Slayer, Motorhead, Kreator.

When you do it yourself what is the hardest task? How much time do you have to spend on the band to get anything in return?
Shane- The hardest task would be getting exposure.
Vince- hmm, how much time? Enumerable hours….

Your web site isn’t the most elaborate. What do you think/feel about on-line promotion?
Vince- I love the idea of on-line promotion, being connected to possibly everyone in the world. The problem is it is even easier to be ignored because there are so many other things out there.
Murry- Word of mouth is still the best way to promote.
Shane- Its way easier to ignore an event invite than it is to ignore a friend who want to go to a metal show.
Murry- yep peer pressure is a bitch.

How hard is it to find your audience in this over-crowded world we call metal?
Shane- The audience is there. That evident by the Thousands of Metalheads at any Slayer or Megadeth show.
Vince- It all comes back to exposure.
Murry- The trick is getting those people to come to your show and tell their friends.

How important is the lyrical side of the band? Are the lyrics just a necessary evil or do you actually get something out of writing them?
Vince- Important, it’s not just jibberish. I pretty much write things that I think will be fun to yell at people.
But I never try to preach something profound. Maybe just tell a little story about something disturbing.
Shane-Honestly, Half the time I have no idea what he’s saying until I read the lyric book. I find out when the fans do.
Murry-…I get to yell “Die” sometimes.

What kind of rewards do you get from writing the best metal ever written? How do you know when you’ve written a good song?
Shane-So first, we’d like to thank you for acknowledging we write the best metal ever.
Vince-Um, I don’t think that’s what he means. But we’ll take it.
Murry-Yeah you will.
Vince-I think the real reward of writing the best metal is you never have a song you regret.
Murry-Nothing cheesy, nothing stupid.
Shane-To answer your other question. We know we’ve written a good song when WE like it.

Once you’ve released something what kind of control do you have over it and how it’s being perceived? How annoying is it when somebody doesn’t understand your vision?
Vince-There’s not very much left up to interpretation. So if we’ve done our part the message should be clear.
Shane-But we still can’t control people’s thoughts.
Murry-Not yet.

What future do you see for Meatshank?
Murry-Keep writing, recording, touring.
Vince-Building the MEATSHANK brand, ha.
Shane-By continueing to bring MEATSHANK to the masses. And if that doesn’t work…Back to the pile.

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