I did not have any greater hopes for MECHANICAL GOD CREATION the first time I heard them but I was wrong. With a new album about to emerge I thought an interview were in place. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What kind of feeling are racing through your head now that you are about to release a new album?
-For sure we’re pretty excited, because we put many mental and physical energies into this album. We paid a lot of attention to the details trying to innovate our sound making plenty of innovations during the composition. Therefore, we are very curious to know how people will welcome our new album after listening to it.

How do you feel that the journey that is Mechanical God Creation has been so far? What ups and downs have you been through?
-We’ve been bringing this name with us for quite a long time now, not a too long but not even a short period of time. There have been many beautiful and exciting moments, like important gigs, the fact that we achieved some important mutual goals -like recording two records- and many moments of sharing. Clearly, sometimes there are also less brilliant periods…for example we had to change our line up twice in two very close periods of time, but after all, in order to work well, we all must be at our best and share common aims, so when this doesn’t happen it’s better turning the page and going on, also to preserve good relationships among us.

I’ve been thinking about the band name. How much influence did you take from the Deus Ex Machina when you came up with the name?
-Our name comes from there, from the research of a mutual originator origin that doesn’t necessarily have to be divine, but that is something that associates us with our time. Through something well-known we can dialogue more easily. Let’s say that for us it’s a symbol representing what we want to be: a common element of communication and of musical and thematic research.

When you have some releases behind you does it get easier when it is time to release a new record? Is the pressure less intense when you have the experience of previous releases?
-No, sincerely the tension keeps on increasing because we expect more and more from ourselves and from what we do, just like we think that the audience does. We always hope to grow and to improve in what we do, so we work hard and consequently our expectations and curiosity to discover how our work will be welcomed deepens and deepens.

How important are the lyrics to you? What kind of topics do you deal with?
-The lyrics are very important to us, because we try to keep a coherence between them and our music; I mean, we try to create a compact mix between lyrics and music. Words and music are two languages that must blend into each other to communicate to everybody what we have to say. Our topics have changed over the years: at the beginning, we used to focus more on classic death metal themes. Now we’ve tried to give to our themes a more profound tone thinking about the man/ machine relationship over the present age. We delved into various themes like the massacres caused by the mass bombings, the problem of the technology that nowadays has almost begun a religion, the constant increasing of lust of power desired by everybody and the deletion of limits and values of people in our age, characterized by an extremely widespread computerization.

When it comes to art work what kind of criteria do you use in choosing?
-We try to find ideas that deal with the topics we talk about in every work and then we submit our ideas and some riffs to our reliable collaborator Colin Marks. That’s how the exchange of material and the processing start; then this process goes on until we’ve found something that can perfectly represent us and our work.

When you look for places to record what is it that you are looking for specifically?
-We always look for experts who can help us turning our work into something more and more precise and perfect. Therefore, we search people who know what we do and what we have in mind very well and most of all we search people who are able, together with us, to give originality to our material, especially regarding the sound. We always want to improve our production creating something unique and recognizable in every album.

Do you have any special tricks that you use when you are in the studio to ease tension or are you workaholics that just record and record?
-We are not workaholics, on the contrary we have a lot of fun in the studio! We are just very precise and careful people who also love laughing and joking in order to create a nice working environment in which we work hard but at the same time we have fun, we never get bored and everyone feels at ease. We’re a cool team of crazy friends!

How much of a touring band are Mechanical God Creation? Is touring a good way to promote an album these days?
-Over the past years we toured not as much as we would have wanted, so now we aim at increasing this aspect of our work. We think that the tours are an excellent way to promote our music. For sure we have to say that performing at festivals is important too, both from the organizational and advertising points of view. What we can say is that we do the very best we can to bring our music wherever we can, even though, obviously, we would like to be able to spread it all over the world, always.

What kind of future do you see for the band?
-Now we want to launch and promote our new record as best we can, touring or taking part to important festivals. Our aim is growing and having the opportunity to play with important musicians, because this way we could be able to bring our music to more people! Also, surely we’ll soon start to draft new stuff and ideas, because our minds are very active and we don’t like twiddling our thumbs!

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