The first time I saw the name MELYRA it got me thinking of a pop band but as soon as I started to listen to the album I knew that this is my kind of metal. Fernanda Schenker answered my questions. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

You have one of these names that does not really tell what kind of metal you play. How hard was it to come up with the name?
-We wanted to find a name that was feminine but not too girly, and it took a while! We had a brainstorm, all together and one of us came up with the idea. We all loved it since de beginning!

Could you give us a short introduction to the band?
-We are a heavy metal band, formed in 2012, with a goal to bring back to our local scene the classic heavy metal sound! By that time there wasn’t many bands doing, and, as it’s the sound we love, we made it! We play with a lot of passion, and all that we do for this band is with a lot of love!

What would you say have been the single greatest influence on your sound?
-Wow that’s a hard one! (LOL) I’d say Black Sabbath, because it’s the band that all of us have as influence! All of us have several kinds of different influences.

What is the metal scene like in your area? Do you feel that you are a part of a scene?
-Metal here in Rio is growing up again! There are many bands getting together to make things happen so we can get stronger and find our place. For sure we feel that we are a part of it, working with our friends to make our local scene better every day!

Something I have often wondered about is if you feel that you are part of something bigger and greater when you play in a band, that you are part of a movement sort of?
-Well, over here, to make metal music you have to be part of a movement! The underground scene is getting together, united, trying to break prejudices and bring back heavy metal to the top venues, so, yes, we are part of it!

When you play the sort of metal you play I guess you cannot have birds and bees on the cover of your album? What is a great album cover to you?
-It’s not forbidden to have birds and bees, you know (LOL)! But, for sure, there’s nothing to do with our music, and it doesn’t represent what we are trying to tell to our fans. A great album cover, to us, is something that shows the concept that we want to explore. For instance, for our first EP, we chose our mascot, Mummy the cat, to be in the cover, in the middle of a styled maze, witch matches perfectly the title, Catch me if you can!

What is your opinion on digital verses physical? Is digital killing music?
-No way! We thing digital is helping us to get worldwide with our music very quickly! We love having the physical copies, most of the heavy metal fans colect them, so they are never gonna die! In our opinion, both formats can coexist!

What kind live scene is there for bands like yours?
-By know, as we are growing, we are playing gigs in small venues in our country. Sometimes, we have a chance to do something bigger, like the opening act for Arch Enemy! We have nothing to complain, we have a lot of gigs scheduled!

When you play live is it a happening or do you see it more as a party?
-It depends on the situation! Usually, for us it’s more as a party! We have a lot of fun on the stage, and we love to share it with our fans! That’s the main reason for us to make music!

What would you like to see the future bring?
-We’d love to have a chance to tour worldwide! It’s a dream! Besides, we want to keep our hard work on our music and keep playing as many gigs as we can, because that’s what keeps us alive!

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