For all those of you old enough to remember Angel Dust from the 80s you be well pleased to know that Dirk Thurisch has a new band going now called MERCURY TIDE. But do not expect a continuation. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you’ve been part of a somewhat successful band what is it that makes you want to do it all over again?
-Of course because it was a great time. We reached and lived a lot of things and I would do it again anytime. It is a pity that Angel Dust doesn’t exist anymore. But if something just doesn’t work out, one should leave it behind. We already tried it again in 2010, but it only worked out at the beginning. We also played shows, but after a short time, we realized that this wouldn’t just do it and the band fought each other again. So we decided to put Angel Dust back on ice and now nobody knows what is going to happen with it in the future. But I am proud that I experienced the times with Angel Dust and in the future, we will still play Angel Dust songs so that old memories will come up…

How hard is it to not fall back into old tracks again when you form a new band? How hard is it to write music in a new direction?
-It is not difficult to have a new band, although you will take your recent experiences with you into a new project. Obviously MERCURY TIDE sound different from Angel Dust but that is totally fine. MERCURY TIDE are a little bit less complex but my voice remains the same, of course. Therefore, a part of Angel Dust will stay, e.g. songs like “I need you“ already sound a little like MERCURY TIDE. To me everything must just fit together. It is important that the final work sounds good and the listener feels passionate about it. Of course, the content like e.g. the guitar techniques must also fit.

Angel Dust were part of the German thrash metal wave of the 80s. How much of that past still lives on when it comes to the interest for Mercury Tide?
-Experiences and adventures stay in your mind and these things automatically transfer into the new band. But the songs of Angel Dust and MERCURY TIDE are of course different. For example the guitar riffing of MERCURY TIDE is totally something else, where Angel Dust pushed it to a high-speed level, we now play very calm and slower riffs. What stayed the same is my voice. Nevertheless, we do our own thing with MERCURY TIDE, it is a complete different thing than Angel Dust and a new beginning.

The album sounds amazing. How hard was it to achieve what you wanted in the studio? Did it take a lot of compromises to get it to sound the way it does?
-Thanks. Before we started with the recordings I buildt up a new line-up with my old friend Carsten Rehmann, our new drummer, who I knew from old days before Angel Dust. With Chris Pohlmann, who I played together with at Angel Dust I got a new man on the bass as well as Sim Reaper on the keys. We didn’t have any time pressure to complete the album because our drummer Carsten owns the studio. I wrote the songs back home and I knew what they should sound like. I think of a basic idea, music wise and lyrical wise.The band then works it out and records it together. For example there are three songs that I wrote with our drummer, Carsten. We all were happy and proud of us when we heard the complete new album for the first time. Overall we needed one year and after we signed with our new label Limited Access Records, who really believes in us, we still had some things to do like mastering at Eroc’s Mastering Ranch or photo shootings. I hope you will enjoy the songs, since I have grown mature over the years and at the songwriting I noticed that my new songs start, where the old ones end. It was a beautiful feeling to continue “Killing Saw” where Why…”? stopped. The new album was recorded with passion and it means a lot to me. It is a new beginning.

How hard is it today to promote an album when there are thousands of bands to compete against?
-Of course there are tons of bands, today you have to work even harder to make a good picture of your album towards the masses. But you must never give up, although in the 80’s everything was easier. The most important part is that you have fun at doing your music.

How do you notice that people have changed the way that they consume music today? What can you expect to sell in terms of CDs for it to be considered a success?
-I think nowadays there are less CDs sold because people download songs from the Internet. Only true fans still buy CDs, just like me because I am still “old-school“. I have a large vinyl, tape and CD collection and can tell a story of my life to each one of them. When people come to a bands concert, that’s not bad either.

Is playing live still as big a factor in marketing the band today as it was back in the 80s/90s?
-Yes it is a big factor for the marketing to play live because the more you play, the more fans you get. But you should watch out because not every festival is good for a band. If you don’t fit to the others, you should let it be. Also, if you could get a bad press release…I hope that our album “Killing Saw“ blasts everything, so that we will get lots of shows, also internationally. Right now we have played two release shows in Germany, at which we played some new stuff to see how people react to the new songs. Currently, we are playing several shows in Germany for example we played as a support Act for Jon Oliva’s Pain or at some festivals. Of course we hope to get further offers from foreign countries 😉

How has the live scene changed over the years? I get the impression that two band tours are a thing of the past and that today it is more package tours or festivals.
-Yes that is true, duo-shows are usually not happening anymore because too many concerts exist nowadays. For example in our home city, there only play four or five bands or even festivals at a time.

Where do you see Mercury Tide fitting in today when there are so many sub-genres within heavy metal?
-I can not exactly tell because we do not “fit in” to anything and we didn’t focus on that, we just played what we liked and felt. I think that this is the best way to feel good about an album later on. We just held onto our known style and did not build anything new but just played what we felt. This concept worked with Angel Dust, too. You could also call it “Melodic Atmospheric Metal“.

What does the future look like for Mercury Tide?
-We signed with Limited Access Records and it makes me really happy to have a real band and serious stuff to do. We will also record new songs, soon, so that our fans don’t have to wait another ten years for the next album! Right now we are filming a video clip to the song “Searching“ of the album “Killing Saw“. We will also play more shows in Germany and hopefully internationally and in the new year we will again go to the studio. I hope our album will make you happy and it is fantastic to have a fresh start with the band! So everything will go easy and fine!

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