Ever since I first heard Nightwish I’ve been fascinated with the concept of female operatic vocals and metal in combination. MIDNIGHT ETERNAL is another band that would not sound the way they do had it not been for the Finns. Raine answered my questions. Anders Ekdahl © 2016

I am a word buff so when I find a band name that excites me I want to know the reason behind the choice. So how did you pick your name?
-That’s great! I take it you like the name then 🙂 We thought it was a powerful combination of words that really encompassed the feel of the music and what the band is all about. Midnight Eternal is a state of mind. It is deep, mysterious and vulnerable to the dangers of venturing to the dark side.

There are so many genres and sub-genres today that it is hard to keep track of them all. So what was it that made you pick the style you play?
-That’s true, but for us it was an easy decision. We are all fans of this particular sub-genre, and once we had the full line-up together it seemed obvious that this is the right direction to go in, especially with Boris’s writing style and my voice and singing style.

What influences you in creating your music? What is/has been the single greatest influence?
-Our influences range from AOR through extreme Metal, with plenty of sub-genres in between. Growing up on bands like Iron Maiden, Helloween, King Diamond, Yngwie Malmsteen and later on Dream Theater, we naturally shifted our focus to bands that emerged more recently: Kamelot, Nightwish, Symphony X, Arch Enemy and Stratovarius. For me personally, Nightwish was the greatest influence. When I first heard Nightwish, I knew immediately that this was type of music I wanted to create and sing.

How important is it to have a message as a band?
-That’s a good question! I’m not sure every band has one. Some bands make amazing music and put on killer shows, and that is enough. I do think that when a band does have a message though, it comes across whether they advertise it or not. And maybe it makes their music more powerful.

Is image an important factor to the bands appearance?
-I do think that image is extremely important, especially in the digital age. At the end of the day, music is a product to be sold like anything else, and it should have a pretty wrapping 🙂

How important is it to have an album cover that stands out to grab people’s attention in this day and age?
-Certainly still important! I think that the album cover does more than just grab people’s attention, it also conveys the “atmosphere” of the album to the listeners.

What kind of respect do you get from your local scene?
-Our local scene is awesome! We have some very dedicated fans that have been following us since our first few live shows, and it’s a very tight-knit community. We have gotten some great responses from the audiences we’ve played in front of so far.

How massive is it to get response from places you have never heard of?
-That’s the best! That tells you that you are doing something right 🙂

Is playing live still a great way to get new fans to discover you?
-Absolutely. Especially for a band on our level (very new) it is the best way to get new fans. And especially if you are sharing the stage with better-known bands that are similar to you in style. The best responses we have gotten so far were when we were opening for bands like Sonata Arctica and Kamelot.

What does the future have in its womb?
-Hopefully good things! For now, we are hoping to be able to tour and promote this album, and we also have album #2 in the works.

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