There are way too many cool bands out there to keep track of. I try to do my bit hence this interview with MILLENNIUM. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

The pressure of a new release
-I think there’s quite a lot of pressure when releasing an album compared to a demo. Anyone listening to an newly released album will have his/her expectations, not only with the songs, but the sound quality, mix and production. When you do a demo sometimes it’s just recording the song and getting the idea and maybe it will still be worked on later or arranged differently. The sound quality or production might not be the same, because you don’t want to be paying for studio time and production. A lot of demos are done on house studios . When doing an album there’s some pressure to succeed as it generates more interest in the band gaining more fans. If you’re with a label they want to see your album selling, or you may be dropped, which also puts pressure on a band with an album release.

What people expect
-The expectations on releasing an album are to hopefully gain good reviews and a good response. The goals we set are to create more interest in the band and creating a bigger fan base with more people wanting to see the band play live and to buy the album.

The live experience
-It’s a great feeling when you play live and people know the songs and are singing the words. It means people have your records and like them enough to know the words. When we reformed in 2015 and did our first show, which was a festival with lots of other bands playing, I couldn’t believe people were singing along to the songs and knew them after all these years but also most of the people there weren’t even born when the first album was released!

Musical identity
-To some extent you have to keep an identity to your songs and sound. It is also good to try other things and be a bit different with some songs but not too far from your identity. I don’t think you have to keep a similar lyric style or theme but musically I think you have to have your own sound that your fans identify with. It’s good to have interesting visual art work but it’s the songs on our album that are more important.

The feel of a community
-I don’t think it matters whether you’re in a band or not to be part of a community, but liking the same music and being a fan of the same music brings people together. Going to shows, seeing and meeting other people and making friends because you all like the same music gives you a sense that you’re part of a greater community.

The avoidance of repetition
-It can be difficult to come up with new songs and not repeat what you’ve done but you need to keep a certain sound which identifies you, you can’t suddenly go from a metal band to a death metal sounding band or other because fans would not recognise the band. We usually just go with the guitar riff if it sounds good and take it from there. If it sounds too similar to anything we’ve done before we’ll change it. We just try to write good songs that we like and hope fans will like them when they hear them.

Having a message
-The new album is quite political and has a theme running through it which is mainly to question everything from governments, people in power, TV and the media and it was influenced by what’s happening in the world and what we see or are led to believe! So there is a message within the album, but I don’t always think you have to have a message or ram your thoughts on to people. The next album could have some similar themes but so far the new songs we’re writing are more fantasy based.

The future of the album
-I’m surprised if CD sales are increasing. I know that sales of vinyl are increasing but if CD sales are then that’s a good thing but I doubt this because music is so easily found on the Internet and the younger generation use digital media more. The die hard fans seem to want the product on CD or vinyl. Record labels don’t invest in bands as they did in the past as sales are down because of the Internet and music is available for free.

Physical VS digital
-I always prefer the physical product, whether it’s a CD or vinyl. I prefer to have lyrics to read and cover artwork to look at, it’s all part of the package. Digital is probably more popular with a younger generation because of how easily it is to put on media players or phones. They might even look at CDs and vinyl as dated.

The future
-The band are looking to do more shows and more festivals so if any promoters are reading this – get in touch. We do have a tour of some European countries in April 2018 and we are writing new songs for the next album. We’ve got 4 new songs written so far!

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