MODERN AGE SLAVERY might be the future of metal, or not. What they are fir sure is a damn fine metal band. Checkout this interview before you head out to get their latest album. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

What is the modern age slavery?
-It is a band of five guys, big music fans, hard-working to send a strong message of awakening to the people, with an extreme sound and deep lyrics…as well as a band of five guys who want to have fun and drink beer .

How hard was it to come up with a band name? How important was it that the band name had a meaning?
The group’s name as the logo has to be like the wrap for candies, he should be as appealing as possible to reach the attention of the people. Of course, after unwrapping, it has to be ‘tasty’ too. The meaning should be strong but not too much extreme, otherwise the result is ridiculous: instead of being the group with the cool name you end up like the jerk.

As I have not played in a band I have no idea what it is like to be a part of something bigger. Does it feel like you are a part of a large international movement playing metal?
Let’s say that we are happy to give our contribution and, since here, we got good feedback, internationally .

When you started did you have any local bands to look up to for inspiration? How important is it to have local bands to look up to?
-Surely, when you go out like a kid and you see the older kids playing much better than you, doing more concerts and talking about labels, agencies and stuff, you tell, excited, to yourself: “I’ll never get their level, I’ve to become like them, nope … I gotta do more!”.
I believe that it’s really important to follow and support your own underground scene, in order to grow up in music and style. You get started, you gotta walk on your own legs but still: it is always important to look to whom is bigger than you are!

What Has Been your main source of inspiration? What has shaped the sound of THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY?
-Our source of inspiration is our daily life, full of troubles and problems. Often reality goes more far than any plot of movies or books and this is soul-destroying because really everything could happen to anyone of us.
The sound comes from TMAS’ five members who love metal (and not only) in all its forms. It combines our ideas in order to create extreme music but, at the same time, we wanna leave that melodic part that stay imprinted in audience’s mind!

Does it feel like you are blackberries appreciated internationally than nationally? What kind of scene is there for your type of metal where you live?
-I’ll tell you that we are gaining support here in Italy and abroad as well! We are pleased that, with this brand new album, we were able to attract more fans from old school death metal … we all know how hardcore these guys are ? ehehehe. In Italy, that finally opened to extreme sounds, (thanks to Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance that export Italian death metal worldwide) there were only chance in the past for Power Metal and Symphonic Gothic….God! Thanks we opened our fucking eyes ?

How did you end up on Pavement? What was it that drew your attention to them?
-We were already in contact, for several months, with the head of A & R, Tim King, but then we were working for another label. When we sent him our promo he was very interested but he definitely wanted to listen to the whole album. After a while, with the mastered record in our hand, we discovered, with great pleasure, that this guy went to the Pavement, we got in touch again and fortunately he had not lost his interest in us. He listened to the album, and from there our adventure begun. Regarding their support we are really happy and satisfied, they promote you in every possible way and do not miss the daily mail reviews or interviews … thank you so much!! The contract binds us to the Pavement for three albums, surely a great satisfaction for us.

With an album out now, how pleased are you with the way things have worked out for you guys?
-It’s great to see your own creation after spending time, sweat and money, coming out exactly as you wanted. Later on, when positive reviews agree with you, in order to certain ideas you put in the album, you gain loads of satisfaction. Now we’re really happy with our job but maybe, next time, we’ll try to do an album more quickly.

How important is art work When People today seem to be more into downloading?
-C’mon, a lot! The cover is the shit. As I told you before you gotta hit people’s attention with something amazing, the cover must be a good one!

What future do you see for the band?
There’s always something to work on but still, we are happy with how the critics reacted to our album. The road is a long way and we wanna always improve. Here we go, we roll up sleeves and we get back on tracks, harder than ever.

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