I’m not too well versed in the Mexican BM scene of today but MOONLIGHT impressed me enough to wanting to find out more about them. Interview answers by Ishtar. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Could you please give us a short introduction into the band that is MOONLIGHT?
-Band started back in 1999, we did a couple of demos from 2001 to 2006 and we recently released our third full-length called “Lucifer’s Rising”

When choosing a band name, how hard was it to come up with a god one? What were you looking for in a band name?
-At that time back in ’99 we were like very amateur on everything so someday I heard “Moonlight” and I like it for being a short name and easy to remember so I took it without any particular meaning.

What does the name represent to you in relation to the music and the ideology of the band?
-Nothing really, perhaps the band name has nothing to do with what play and to our lyrics but what the fuck, I really don’t care, I haven’t change it because its like start over If you do that and the people that follow us have never mention anything about the name, perhaps I’ll change it someday and I‘ll name it “Metallica”.

Black metal today isn’t just one genre, it’s hundreds of genres. How do you know which one is the right one for you? Where do draw your main inspiration from?
-It’s just a matter of inner feelings, I like lots Metal genres and some are present on our sound. Our style has been changing through the years since our formation.

Is there an ideology (not political or religious) to the band MOONLIGHT?
-Not really, just we do what we like the rest we don’t care.

Do you follow a strict regime when it comes to your sound or are you open to include other influences too?
-At first on the demo days we use to write music in the BM style exclusively but nowdays we have different influences. I started the band thanks to Mayhem, Darkthrone, Emperor, it became my passion to play Black Metal so at the same time I have been a big fan of the Swedish sound ever, some of our Swedosh influences are Bathory, Merciless and Dissection but bands like Sarcofago, Hellhammer, Testament, Overkill inspires the sound of Moonlight as well. I grew up with great Death Metal from the 80’s and 90’s but they are not an influence for us.

What kind of topics is best suited for lyrics? How important are the lyrics? How hard is it to write lyrics in another language and still make you point come through?
-We always write about Satanism and our inner Darkness but trying not to sound like every typical BM band you know, we don’t write “666 the number of the beast” or something, I think people who is into Metal has that really clear hehe.

I use to write lyrics in English from scratch to get the best point and its not that hard now, it was in the beginning perhaps when I didn’t speak English properly.

How much thought goes into art work and lay out, both for records but also for other stuff like photos and clothes etc.?
-We always have wanted to show Black Metal imagery so that’s what we do, it is important for us to feel good with ourselves in that way. If you want to succeed in music you have to care about the image too, that’s what I have learned for years. If you look like a shit band, your music would sound shit for sure so nobody will care to listen to your music and that applies to the artworks too. We always look to show a good artwork to represent our music.

Do you feel that there is a scene to speak of nationally for the kind of metal that you play?
-Of course there is, the most of people just follows European Black Metal bands that’s a fact, especially from Scandinavia, people are more focused on where are you from when buying cd’s, that’s bullshit but in can’t speak in general, there’s always a little group of people that looks for bands from other countries .

What plans do you have for the future?
-Right now we are like doing nothing, I play with another band called DØDSFALL and I am totally focused on that right now, we don’t know when do we’ll start to write music for a future release, right now we are promoting our new album “Lucifer’s Rising” so buy and take a listen.

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