Another Swedish metal band to be discovered. MORTALICUM might not be the next Hammerfall but they still deserves your attention. Answers by Patrick Backlund (bass). Anders Ekahl ©2012

I kinda pride myself in knowing all Swedish metal bands but you guys are new to me. Why is it that I haven’t heard of you before?
– Hi there Anders! Well, it’s tricky for me to answer that… but I guess it proves that you are not too old to learn new tricks…!

There seems to be a Swedish heavy metal revival going on with a hell of a lot of bands getting noticed. Do you feel that you too can benefit from this interest?
– It’s good and fun that metal is alive and kicking, but it’s tough competition to get noticed so I’m not sure really. Hopefully it’s beneficial for us!

Where do you draw your inspiration from? What would you say has been the defining detail in the band’s sound?
– Good old heavy music like old Black Sabbath, but also from far too many bands to mention. We also add some classic Heavy Metal to the mix simply because we like that stuff. We want our music to be heavy but we also want to put some energy, emotions and melodies in there.

Where do you see yourself fit into the international heavy metal scene? What are your ambitions with the band?
– It’s really up to others to label our music. We just play the stuff we love! Hard rock, heavy metal and doom… Our ambition is to make great music, play live and to have fun doing it!

What is it that sets your metal apart from all other metal bands in the world?
– Maybe it’s Henrik’s clean vocals vs the doom sound? We think it’s a good thing!

Does having an album out make the band seem more real than if you just keep releasing demos?
– Absolutely! No question at all about that! We have two albums out now so we must be really real! It’s much easier to get attention from an album than from demos only.

What kind of expectations did you have on the album and how well have they been realized?
– It’s always a bit nervous to release an album. We thought it was more nervous with this album than the first, because for the second one fans have expectations of their own. We were really happy with how it turned out so we hoped it would be approved by the fans and critics and it really has so far, so we’re very satisfied!

When you have an album out, does it make it easier to get gigs and tours? Are people more willing to take you serious when you have something to show?
– Not really. It’s not a disadvantage, but it’s still not that easy to get gigs. But of course people take a band more seriously when you have a couple of albums out.

Have you painted a most desirable scenario for the band that you’d like to see happen?
– In the beginning, before the line-up and everything was complete, I had a desire to be able to play abroad with the band and we’ve now managed to play in the UK and are also booked for a festival in Malta so in that sense we have fulfilled what we wished for. But, we still would like to be able to play live more often.

What future is there for the band?
– I’m bad at predicting the future, so for now we will just sit back and enjoy the ride! Hopefully we’ll be able to have a few more albums out and also play live in more countries like Germany, Holland, France, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Austria, USA etc… and more in Sweden of course!

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