MURDER OF CROWS might not be the least common band name but once you sort out the bad from the good you end up with this band. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

In this day and age it is easy to look bands up on the net. And with so many bands having the same name how do you go about making sure that the fans end up at the right spot?
-We have had a bit of trouble regarding this. All of a sudden there seems to be a thousand “murderofcrows” in England and in America & Europe. At first I was only aware of an American tribute band, so we added the prefix of U.K. to our myspace address. When Crows originally started by myself-DC & LC on vox we were playing acoustic punk/hardcore songs since 2009. Also ensure your contact details are on everything you sell or send people.

When you were looking for a band name was it important that it had literary connotations? What was it that you were looking for?
-I had the name knocking round for years and just attached my solo writings to it, then eventually it morphed into what it has now become. I thought it kind of fitted with the style of music, kinda dark with a feeling of space and depth, but also a heaviness and bite when required.

I am more of a loner and would probably do best to be a solo artist. What is the hardest part being a part of a band? How do you get several individuals to work towards the same goal?
-Usually we get together at rehearsal and if someone has an idea they can bash it out and we can all make or put our views and ideas in. I think we know when it feels right and when things need changing.

When you write music do you do it as a unit or do you come together comparing notes? What method works best in composing?
-We all come up with ideas, unfortunately I tend to get carried away and rattle several new tunes off a month, as I said in question 3, we jam it out and see where it goes.

Something I often wonder about listening to so many different bands is how you guys constantly come up with new stuff never heard before. How important is it that each member brings with him/her a different set of influences to make the whole stand out?
-I think the best thing is that we all have very different musical influences, it adds to the texture and throws some good tangents into the mix, each song is a new trip!!!!!

How different a beast is Murder Of Crows in studio and on stage? How much change in character is there to the songs live compared to in studio?
-Studiowise is nice and cozy. All recording is at SC’s home studio, so it quiet and relaxed, without having to race against the clock. Livewise, it’s a case of tune up, turn up and wig out!!!!!

When you record songs how do you know when they are done? Do you have somebody that puts his or her foot down?
-Again, we all seem to feel when something’s right. There’s no real plan to how we work, so it’s kept organic all the time

How important is the way the band looks on stage and in photos? Do you have a planned style that you go by?
-We just turn up and play, no fashionistas here

How much say do you have in choosing art work and lay-out? What kind of concepts do you go for?
-We have full control of all artwork, layout and everything else. That’s the great thing about being independent.

What would the ideal future bring with it?
-Being able to put a regular body of work each year, play good support slots nationally and make a few quid if it all pans out!

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