My Black Light might be another Italian goth metal band but that is the only but about them. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

To me the greatest Italian metal export right now is Lacuna Coil. How much have you looked up to them in order to maximize the full potential of My Black Light?
-On a music level some of our catchier songs, like The Abstainer, have something in common with their songs structure while for other songs we chose a more progressive structure, like Noise for Sale. We really appreciate Lacuna Coil career and we would be happy to follow their steps of course even if with our own style.

When you get nominated as demo band of the month what kind of exposure does that lead to? Does it even have any greater impact on a bands career?
-we were really proud for that and a lot of people contacted us after reading the review on the magazine. We were even contacted by a online radio in Milan for an interview. We think that more than having a a great impact on our career, it gave us a lot of visibility and lots of people got interested in us.

Massacre Records doesn’t seem like the most “sexy” label to sign with. How do you see yourself fit into their rooster and what is it that you want them to do for you?
-We think that for our kind of music it is perfect considering that they worked with bands such as Theatre of Tragedy and have been working with bands such as Katanga and Coronatus that have several aspects in common with us. Besides many of female fronted bands under Massacre Records are known and have success. We hope that thanks to such a great label we will be able to give our music visibility and to make some tour abroad.

When you have an idea for a band how do you put that idea into motion in order for it to become a full band?
-You need a lot of patience, devotion, strenght and luck and people who first of all love playing and have fun with music.

Italy has produced some very impressive metal bands but unless you know where to look most of them go by unnoticed. What is wrong with the Italian metal scene for so many great bands to go by unnoticed?
-Music culture! Unfortunaly Italy is still bound to traditional music and metal remains an underground genre, so only a few listen to it. This is not good for those bands that try to make them noticed. In
addition, there is so many competition abroad where metal is more listened that it really gets difficult to fight your way out.

In promoting your band, what wouldn’t you do? Is there something that is a definite no, no in promoting the band?
-Well, nothing that would be gross or disrespectful towards women for sure.

When does “sell-out” become the word on the agenda? How do you avoid feeling like mice in the rat race and still be totally in control of your careers?
-First of all by enjoying our music and believing in what we do. We’re appreciating every single step and small success of our career without too many expectations. We are curious to see how “Human Maze” will be welcomed by the audience and we are happy of the results we got so far.

Whose idea was it to put the band on the cover art? Is there something you’d like to say with the cover or is it just an opportunity to show off how good looking you are?
-Absolutely not for showing our aspect! we just thought, well nobody knows us, this is our debut album and people who will see the band in the cover will have an idea of our music genre probably just by watching us. That was what we were aiming at when we decided about the cover.

What does the title “Human Maze” mean to you? Should it be interpreted as an anachronism for how we constantly run back and forth in life never finding our way out?
Yes, that could be an interpretation. We have described in our songs human emotions, fears and hopes and they’re so many that you could get lost in them, in the labyrinth of your feelings.

Now that you have an album out, how do you maximize the full potential of the band and the album?
We want to make us noticed by people as much as possible, we are working on a video of one of our songs and we hope to make some tours very soon.

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