They sure know how to rock down under. MY DYNAMITE is yet another Aussie band to make it out into the big bad world of r’n’r. Anders Ekdahl©2012

Something I find interesting is inquiring how bands find their sound. What was it that made My Dynamite sound the way that you guys do?
-It’s quite a long process, I think it took My Dynamite a close to 2 years to get our “sound”. You play songs over and over again in a studio or live and it slowly comes together. It’s always a little harder when there are 2 guitars, the tones have to be different enough to differentiate from one another but they must complement each other too. Less gain and more headroom always helps! This way you can hear the individual voice of the guitar itself and that’s important for getting the right tones. Secondly i suppose we, like so many other bands are searching for ways to replicate the warm vintage sounds we hear on early recordings of the 60’s and 70’s before it became quite sterile and cold due to various advances in technology sometimes for the worse! We just love the sound of classic Rock’n’roll and I’m sure so many people miss that these days.

When you play the kind of music you do how often are have you been accused of being backwards and regressive?
-It doesn’t happen often, there is a certain element to our sound that is fresh and current, even though we play classic rock you can hear 2012 in there, there is no denying that. We never intended to reinvent the wheel, Rock’n’roll is Rock’n’roll, it repeats itself and is a little different every time, and we love this, we don’t care if people say its backwards because we know personally that what we are doing is making us happy and that’s what it’s all about.

Do we really need to put labels on things, labelling it old, retro or whatever? Isn’t good music good music no matter how old or new it sounds?
-That’s exactly right, I hope we fall into the good music category haha! Although people like to identify with a particular scene so much these days you know? When I was growing up in the late eighties early nineties as a kid, i remember the music I liked was in the charts so I didn’t have all this “that’s too cockrock, this it too metal, this is too soft” kind of thing, music was music, but when the charts today are so crammed with crap, everything else flies under the radar and goes underground and the scenes and sub-scenes start to emerge. Who cares right?

When you play the style you do is it easy to find a scene to identify with? How do you go about finding your audience?
-Our Audience is very broad, and I would like to think we will cover a lot of ground, we are accessible to rock fans, hard rock, country, rhythm and blues, Australiana, Americana etc. There are not many young bands doing this style, which helps set us apart, this is good and bad whichever way you see it. Going about finding an audience is always a challenge because people are constantly overloaded with information on the internet it’s hard to break through that way. I find that when we play live that is when we expand our audience, whether it’s one person or a hundred, that’s always the way I’ve found to be the most successful. And there’s nothing quite like word of mouth.

As I haven’t the talent to write music I often wonder how easy it is to write a life changing song. Do you know immediately that this is the song that will change my life or does that come with time?
-I can’t say I’ve ever written a life changing song! I try to do the best i can, but this would be a question better directed to those that have haha

When you’ve written what you think is the greatest thing since sliced bread and people around you don’t think so, how hard is it to stand your ground and not change due to popular demand?
-Isn’t sliced bread Amazing?? We won’t change to suit popular demand, if we change it would be to suit ourselves, because if we’re not having fun doing what we love, why do it? I can’t imagine anything worse than playing something I hate onstage, except maybe slicing my own bread! I never thought I would be here getting interviewed by a magazine on the other side of the world, so I must be on the right track!

With hindsight how pleased are you with the album? Anything that could have been done differently?
-We are very pleased with the final result and feel we have made a debut album that many people could only wish for. We followed the idea that we would only have 10 songs on the album, and that it should be diverse and interesting enough to please a wide range of ears. We achieved that i think. From the feedback i have been getting, people find it enjoyable to listen to, and instantly like what they hear, so we’re very happy for the listener, and very happy with our selves. We try not to look back, because there is so much to look forward to with new songs always written and constantly moving forward as a band.

Has the songs taken on a life on their own now that they are down on record? How different are the songs now that they are on record than the initial thought you had of them when they were just ideas?
-The songs are quite similar in terms of length and structure to our live shows, except sometimes we might jam out and improvise a certain couple of songs live, and you can hear where that would happen on the album, where we have the breaks. The songs where played live for quite a while before we recorded them, and they lived in my head for quite a while too, we knew what we wanted them to sound like, and most times they turned out exactly how they were envisioned, give or take a little. So in natural fact, none of the songs, grew and changed very much for the album, we had a clear idea when we went into the studio, a clear vibe and sound we wanted, and we got just that.

How limiting is geography in this day and age when you with just one click can be on the other side of the world?
-I suppose, the internet is very helpful with getting information out there, but it is also not the answer to everything. There is only one way for a band like My Dynamite to reach the people, and that is through live shows, this is where we excel, and this is where a band really connects with the people. The net right now is jam packed with all kinds of useless information that makes it hard for any band to cut through the mix, there are so many ‘Facebook bands’ out there today that haven’t even played a live show, and it’s hard for the person to distinguish what is real and what is false, bands look bigger than they are on the net, while others look like beginners but in actual fact have a real fan base that come to shows and are progressing at a great level. So yes, it has its ups and downs from our experience.

Will technology ever replace the feel of seeing a band live on a stage in sweaty club/pub? What’s so special about playing live in front of an audience?
-Never! I think it’s all coming back again, people have been feeling disconnected from the reality of watching good rock bands play live! It has even been noticed here in Melbourne a little bit, where you can come to a bar 7 days a week 24 hours a day and find bands playing everywhere. The joy and excitement of watching a rock n roll band pushing the decibels hard and moving air cannot and will not ever be replaced. It’s what we live for, and if we can’t do that we would not be playing, let alone recording anything. It is getting tight with the live scene here and also from what I have heard in Berlin also, where there is a lot of major residential development going on in the vicinity of rock bars and pubs and many venues are being forced to shut their doors, due to noise restrictions. It is very sad, and I blame the Governments first, and then the people who move next to a bar and then complain about the noise! What has the world come to?!?

With an album out what kind of expectation do you have on the future now?
-We expect to grow a steady fan base over the course of 2012 with some extensive touring here in Australia, then Europe would be excellent to tour, That is the plan amongst working on our second album also, so we’re quite busy at the moment, and things are looking good!

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