MYRHDING is another Swedish metal band of which there seem to be a never ending stream of. Check them out after you’ve read this interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I get a feeling that your band name has something to do with ancient Swedish. What made you want this word as your band name?
-Yes, the name Myhrding/Myrding is another form of the word “Myling” wich means Murdered. A myling was in the Swedish folklore an unwanted and un-baptised child who was sat out to die in the forest. When the child had died it would come back for revenge and haunt the family until it would have a name and find some sort of revenge.

You’ve just released your new record. What do you expect it to do for you?
-Yes that’s correct. The album “A legacy of shadows” was recorded in 2010, but has been delayed for various reasons. We don’t have any specific expectations really… We made the album for ourselves. But if some people will buy the album and like the music it’s just a bonus.

When you release a record on a small label how much work do you have to do yourself to help promote it?
-We don’t have anything to compare with. Since this is the first label we’re working with.
But we do what we can. Today is internet a very good tool to spread the music. Some live performance would be the best, but we have not been able to perform yet. But this is one thing we are working on right now.

How hard is it to get a sound that is perfect for your music? How do you find the right kind of people to work with?
-Well, when we write the music its not so hard for us, because we do the kind of music we like and we don’t feel that we have to sound in a special way. When it comes to work as a band we didn’t have much of a choice, because there are very few in this area that listen and play this kind of music. When it comes to the studio and recording people I just had one person in mind and that was Rickard (owner of Art Decay Studio). A very good person to work with who comes with great idéas and gives a helping hand when it’s needed.

When you play black metal I get a feeling that there is a greater degree of ideology behind it. What kind of ideas do you build your music on?
-The music itself is what I wrote before: Based on what we like and find it in a motion that fits our personalities and feelings. Then the lyrics (which I and Kristoffer write) are mostly about the dark side of life, Death, agony, dreaming away from life and a sick world, Nordic history. But also our repulsion to Christianity. We also use some Nordic and mythological elements sometimes.

When does black metal stop being black metal? What is it that makes it black metal?
-We don’t really see ourselves as a pure black metal-band, more as a black metal-inspired band. But to answer the question, I would say that black metal is the Devils music and a work for his glory. Its an endless war against the weak light of God and total devotion to the death and darkness.

How hard is it to make a name for yourself in a scene that seem to be divided between the ?true? and the rest?
-No idea. And that’s not really important for us.

How much do you pay attention to being on the right side of ?true?? What is true in black metal?
-Nothing we think about, we walk the way we feel without follow any kind of “metal rules” or something like that,

What kind of live scene is there for black metal in your area? Where do you receive the best response?
-None at all. We live near the city Jönköping, which is called “The Jerusalem of Småland”. It’s a disgusting city with terribly many churches and Christianity… A thing that just gives us more fuel to the hate and more inspiration to do music.

What future is there for Myhrding?
-We are constantly in writing-mode and we have once again an album in the luggage.
Then we have plans to try to do some performance…. then we have to see what the future brings.

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