That heavy metal is a worldwide phenomenon is nothing new. Still it gives me shivers down my spine whenever I find a new acquaintance in places like Mexico. Mystica girls gave me just that. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

From what I understand you started out with just the name Mystica. What was it that made you add the girls to the name?
-Cause the name “Mystica” itself was registered already. So the adding of the “girls” was the option for the same idea.

You’ve just released your debut album “Metal Rose”. How hard has it been to reach this stage in your career?
-It has been quite a challenge, it’s a self produced album, money wise and creatively. So it shows the musical creative development that the band had to went through in all the way till this releasing.

Envious gossip seem to be everywhere with the Internet. Now that the album is out, will that shot the mouth of many doubters? Have you been the victims of slanderous gossip on the Internet?
-Well, everyone is free to say, think and express any thoughts or opinions. We are there for the people who enjoy our work, we ain’t trying to proof anything to anybody that aren´t ourselves.

I don’t believe in dividing things into male/female but there is no denying that men and women don’t always think alike. Does it make any difference that you are all girls when it comes to writing music?
-Maybe it’s a different way to see the same glass, but still its communication and art. Yes, maybe we think slightly different, maybe it’s just that all of us are different, ain’t matter the gender but as human beings we like to express our reality to others, maybe the reality of our worlds can change something, maybe can change the world of someone, maybe you can make him/her feel something, you´ll never now if you don’t take the chance and do it!

To me the Mexican society is very much based on tradition and everything that sticks out should be pushed back. What kind of status do musicians have in Mexico?
-Traditions are as important here as in every part of the word, cause it tell us where we came from. But ain’t like a total stiff rule, you know what I mean? It’s true that sometimes it’s tough and sometimes if you don’t play what everybody plays you’re a little bit screwed in terms of economic rewarding. But it’s also true that a pair of working hands and a clean heart can take you very, very far.

When I think Mexico I think bad television shows, football (soccer) and big sombreros. But there is a different side to Mexico too. There is a big metal scene too. Do you feel that you are a part of this scene and what do you get out of being part of it?
-There’s more than meets the eye when you’re talking about this wonderful country. Sometimes culture in other countries don’t let their people see the truth way far beyond their front door, you now?
There are many, many hard working talented Mexican musicians, who are responsible for maintaining this music flame alive. Giving our people hope and a better place to be, by connecting them to the art in all forms, thrash, gothic, heavy, classic, death, in all ways the people get amused, relieved and happy. Giving this to my people and being part of it, it something that it’s absolutely indescribable when you see their smiles.

I’ve been aware of the Mexican metal scene since the 80s but I cannot think of any bands that has made it big outside of Mexico. Are Mexican bands bad at promoting themselves worldwide?
-Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it’s a kind of inexperienced field in terms of managing you now?

To me Mexico City is one of the most violent cities in the World, well Mexico as a whole is quite violent. Yet so many things of metal beauty come from that city/country. Can you explain that to me?
-Well, the city that saw us grow healthy and happy, it’s something quite unique. Don’t let the chaos merchants (NBC, news papers, etc.) get into your head and plant the fear in your mind.
Although there are some sporadic violence incidents, the City itself its quite pacific. Maybe they tell you how many people died today, but they are not interested in telling you how many went to the several museums that the city has (which is the city that has the larger amount of museums in the world) , how many get married or how many bands like us are releasing their album by their own means. There are situations in the north border that are of our concern. Nevertheless we have been there in Monterrey for instance, and everything was fine and no incidents of violence were registered while our visit. This is a wonderful and magical place in which any artist can be touched by the inspiration. This is where any foreigner can find a home.
-You have to be as careful as any place else, NY for instance, L.A, Afganistan, South Africa, Spain, England. Finland and Japan have an outrageous suicide rate, but there’s also awesome things coming from there, its art and love that keep things going, its art that teach us that mankind it’s not just aberration and violence, that it’s well worth fighting for. The fear is everywhere. Would you let it go into your head? Would you let it control your life?

How much do you have to sacrifice in order to go on tour abroad? Being from Mexico you are far away from everything.
-The distance is the same everywhere, sometimes you get as soon as in 40 min by the freeway, sometimes takes 13hrs cause your going through mountains and all that. Sometimes you have to go by plane and you’re there in 40 min. We haven’t been in countries in South America for instance, but i figure that could be like 2 hrs by plane or so. The same US is 2 hrs away by plane. So, to immediately answer your question, any distance it’s short for a musician that loves this job and that loves people.

Am I right in assuming that the band is more than just a hobby to you? How far are you prepared to take Mystica girls?
-I think if we weren’t totally convinced of this project, no one of us will take our purses out in order to produce this album. Maybe if were just a hobby, we were still playing in the underground and you’d never heard of us. I’m of the idea that if you do something, you take responsibility for it and take it to its last consequences. We’re looking forward to grow as artists by studying and drilling and most of all growing as persons. Preparing ourselves to deliver a better product each time. We’re preparing our next album, so we hope that you hear of us very, very soon. Keep on rockn!!!

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