You can call your metal modern, retro or whatever you like but if you don’t deliver the goods you won’t last long. NAILGUN seem to have a bright future ahead of them. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

It is no secret that I love band names. How did you come up with yours?
-When we sat together and talked about a band name, we knew that we wanted a short name. As far as possible just one word and the guideline was to have a word with a punchy meaning.
Our singer came up with the idea to call the band NAILGUN. And now we are here to play “Metal” as we do on our current CD “New World Chaos”.

Is it important that a bands name actually match the music that they play? Could a band named Slayer be playing crooners like Frank Sinatra?
-As you can read before, yes it is important to us that a band’s name matches to the music a band plays. You can cover songs as much as you want from crooners like Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka or Burt Bacharach but you can never call yourself “Decapitation” or something like that when you only play love songs.

How tough is it to fight for the attention in today’s metal scene with so many band’s competing for the same spot?
-It is extremely tough. Times have changed and it is not anymore as it was back in the 80`s. Nearly no band has the chance to be pushed to the top as it happened in the past. You are not shown on the covers of heavy metal magazines as the newcomer anymore.
Today you have to fight for every single fan. You have to talk to them. A face-to-face contact is more important than ever. Today you have all the (un) social medias and you can download tons of songs from the Internet. We use the social medias as well but to be honest, the only way to reach new fans is that you stay real and that you stay approachable for them.

How do you set yourself apart so that it is you that the fans discover and not some half-arsed band from a place nobody heard of?
-First of all: Promotion! Your band name und album cover have to be on the spot everywhere, in the Internet, magazines, flyers…….people have to know what`s going on with NAILGUN. The bottom line is that everyone knows that we are here and that we have a fucking great CD out.
And very important are live shows full of energy and power, face-to-face contact with the concert audience. People coming to our shows have to feel the power coming from our music, they should see that we enjoy what we`re doing on stage!

When you have an album to promote what is it that you want to get out of it? What do you want the album to do for you?
It is important for us that an album and its songs show who we are. But we also want that you can hear our influences, where we come from and what kind of styles have accompanied us through our career. But we always want to combine it all into our own style.
When you listen to our songs you must have the feeling that you know NAILGUN for a very long time without having the feeling that “Song A” or “Song B” sounds like band “X” or “Y”.

How tough is it to come up with album and song titles? How important is the album title? Does the song title have to tell something about the lyrics?
-Usually it is not so tough `cause we are all very creative. We never ever had problems to find an album or song title. But an album title is extremely important. It’s like a fingerprint. Imaging no band would give their albums a title? Try to create an artwork for these albums without names? Hard to imagine, isn’t it! Well, but not only the album title is extremely important. The song title is important, too. Our song titles tell something about the lyrics. We want that they arouse interest by the listeners when they hold our CD “New World Chaos” in their hands and read the track list.

Does the art work have anything to do with the title of the album and does the album title have to have anything to do with the lyrics?
-Yes the artwork has something to do with the title. When you look at our artwork it is easy to find out why. We are all fans of expressive artworks and titles and so we wanted it exactly that way, too. Everything must be inherently consistent. New World Chaos is a kind of concept album without being one. Every song can stand for itself and all songs tell a coherent story.

What is the hardest part being a band today? What do you have to work the most on as a band?
-The hardest part being a band today is to share exactly the same goals. Even if we all love Heavy Metal Music, we are still individuals and sometimes interests change into a direction that not all band members like. And here’s the part where have to work most on as band: We must communicate as much as we can. Only by talking we can eliminate a possible misunderstanding.

What are you feelings about the social media? Is it a great tool for promotion or is it just an ego boost with all the likes and stuff?
-As you can read previously, it is a great tool for promotion. But it is not the only tool and it is not the magic cure to success. It is hard to say that it is an ego boost? We play Metal, we cannot allow ourselves to be selfish. We do not give oneself a pat on the back having ten likes or thousand likes on any social media.

What is in the future for you?
-There`s only one goal: world domination. No, of course it`s more like we say in our song “Time is running out”: “The future is uncertain!”. We set our focus on writing new songs and record a new album. We wanna play Metal as long as we can. And of course, we wanna play live as often as possible. Perhaps there`ll be a cool tour package we could join in so that we can show everybody the real “New world chaos” live!

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