NARNIA are back. No not another movie. The Swedish band is back with a new album. Christian Liljegren answered my questions. Anders Ekdahl 2016

Did NARNIA make a comeback or have you guys just been hibernating, waiting for the right time to awake again?
-We are back for good and we are stonger than ever. We needed the break to find the right spark and continue the vision and mission with Narnia.

I guess it doesn’t matter if it is two years between albums or 7 years as to pick up the thread and continue. How much did you have change your mindset to get that NARNIA feel back?
-We wanted to make and produce the best possible Narnia album ever. We all have worked hard as musicians in different ways beside Narnia and the time was right and we took time to write, make good arrangement where the new Narnia meets the past in a good mix and a fresh production of 2016 and we are very pleased with the result.

If you were to place this new record where in the NARNIA discography does it fit musically?
-I Think it is a good follow up to Enter The Gate the last album I did with the band and it also have some elements from the Long Live The King album as well so I am sure the Narnia fans will love it.

How important has the album art work and lyrics been in keeping with the concept of the band name?
-For me every album has a personal and unique Life. Artwork , Music & lyrics are important so it fits with all merchandise and visual vision around the band and with the new album we have a new trademark that is strong and powerful matched perfect with Music we play.

NARNIA was big in Japan at one time and every band should have toured Japan at lest once but now you don’t hear too much about Japan being the place to go. Has the change in the metal climate affected the chances of touring in farvaway places?
-Still Japan is a very important market for Narnia and the album will be well promoted there and hopefully we return back to Japan.

I get the feeling that live music is a thing of the past, what with people being tied to their phones and computers, not bothering to go out and support their local music scene. What’s your experience?
-It is very hard to financially make it these Days so you have to find new ways and communicate closer direct with the fans telling them buying physcial Products and merchandise from the band otherwise it is hard to make good records as it still costs alot to produce a good sounding album.

When most people think of NARNIA they think of the book(s) and movies. And if you google it the band isn’t the first thing that öops up. So why the choice of name?
-When I got the vision for the band 20 years ago I remember the books and films about Narnia and I like them alot and for me it suited perfect for the Music we do and that is the reason I picked up the name.

I would have thought that there would have been copyright issues in choosing such a name. Has the band name helped you get fans that might normally just jump the power metal section?
-We had some issues with the band name some years ago when Disney should release their Movies but solved it and still we can release Music and tour as Narnia and these Days we are not using the Lion on the covers.

Have technology bitten its own tale with this whole easy access to everything? Who will listen to music when nobody plays it because the musicians won’t be paid for it?
-Yeah it is a tricky question and that is the reason you have to communicate direct to the fans still buying psysical Products but Music has lost it´s value for the common man so we will see.
It´s both good and bad. It is easy to get hold of Music but few will pay for it and still it COSTs alot to produce Music.

What will the future bring?
-Our goal is to tour and meet new countries the next coming years and hopefully if all goes well with sales continue to do great metal Music as Narnia as we love it and passion to meet the fans during Concerts.
We wish you all the best and if you should buy a new great metal album pick Narnia it has all the elements to make you feel alright. The Lion roars again!!!

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