This is a new band to me. Dan was so kind to answer a few questions about NATTSMYG. Here’s what he had to say. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Is the name Nattsmyg a reference to the forest people? Why a band name in Swedish?
-It´s a name without a reference to a certain theme. Nattsmyg means that something is going on during nighttime, which could be anything, and that´s the point with the choice of the band name. If I would have a band name with a strong reference to, let say a viking theme, then it would feel out of place to make lyrics with other themes, and I’ve always wanted to use several themes for the albums. It wasn´t until after 5 demos and 2 albums that I started to write in English, so a Swedish band name seemed natural at the time.

Is there a greater tolerance to bands not singing in English or have non-English names in today’s metal scene?
-I have no idea.

How elaborate is your sound? Where do you draw inspiration from?
-I´m often trying out new things to change the sound since I don´t want to make the same album twice. Linn, for example, did the lead vocals in Fylgja, which I think changed the sound a bit.
When I write new songs, I draw inspiration from keyboard sounds and new ideas I get, song structures, new ways to mix.

Is a smaller label a better starting point than had you been on a bigger one? Can a smaller one do a better job promoting you than a bigger could?
-I don´t have experience from a bigger label to compare with.

How do you intend on promoting the band in order to build a following?
-I don´t give that much thought since I’m happy with recording music and drinking coffee.

What are the best ways of promoting a band these days? Is the social media overrated as a tool?
-I have too little experience to have a good idea what the best ways are.

Does playing live bring with it benefits you can’t receive any other way? What kind of live chances are there for a band like Nattsmyg?
-The live experience is a bonus for me, and It´s a great opportunity to drink beer. The live chances right now are slim, we don´t even have a line-up at this moment, but it would be incredibly fun to perform on a bigger stage some day in the future if possible. When we do have a line-up, there´s often opportunities for smaller gigs.

I often wonder what it is like to be in a band, writing songs and presenting it to the rest. What kind of process do you go through in song writing?
-I´m writing and recording the songs at the same time. So I make some coffee, wait for nighttime, and play and record all instruments, write lyrics, and record demo vocals. I´m also constantly working with the mix as I record new instruments, and mastering. The mix and mastering actually takes more time for me than the writing and recording. When the songs for the album are as finished as I can make them, I show them to Linn. After that we record her vocals, and I put her vocals in the mix and finish the album. If Linn is not on an album, no one will hear the unfinished album but me.

How much of a democracy is a band? Does a band have to have somebody taking charge?
-The songs are almost finished when I show them to Linn, which is how she wants it. I do encourage Linn to come with input, especially to the vocal melodies, but I always have final word since Nattsmyg is my baby.

What future do you see for Nattsmyg?
-Many recorded albums where I try different things, and hopefully bigger live shows since it would be really fun and also a reason for me to drink something other than coffee for once.

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