Australia might be far away geographically but when it comes to metal you got the bands just around the corner or more probably by a click on your computer these days. NE OBLIVISCARIS latest album impressed me so much that I had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl©2012

I gotta start with the band name. Why chose a name that is hard to understand?
-The name is really not hard to understand if you’ve studied a bit of Latin. In the end we chose something that we liked and felt represented us. Ne Obliviscaris means “Forget Not”, I also like the idea that people remember the band’s name because it simply means that you should “not forget“ it.

When I listen to your music I get strong Limbonic Art and Obsidian Gate vibes. What is it that you want to express with your metal?
-Everything, we want people to jump, scream, bang their heads, cry, throw horns, dance… In my opinion those who are at our shows and have their eyes half closed and a smile on their face have understood everything about Ne Obliviscaris.

How tough is it to come up with a sound that fits all individuals involved?
-Usually someone comes up with the skeleton of a song, which we work on until everyone is happy, and that can take anywhere between 2 weeks and a year. It’s definitely not easy keeping all 6 members happy when our sound is so broad, but that’s why we often take a long time to write songs.

When you live so far away from the rest of the metal community does that bring with it any benefits that you can utilize in your creative process?
-Not really, most international bands come here, in this day and age there are no frontiers to anything, it doesn’t feel like we are “ far away from the rest of the metal community “.

How much of an inspiration is your environment? Where do you draw your greatest inspiration from?
-The stunning sceneries of Australia influence anyone who comes here, and inspires those of us who are lucky enough to live here. We draw our inspiration from every day’s life, frustration, beauty, anger, just like every artist, musician, composer, painter…

When you are in the process of creating an album how much attention do you pay to details? How important is the overall impression?
-Details are everything, music is all about details. The overall impression is of course very important but it is not something we really think about. It turned out great on this album, maybe it means that the 6 of us were always meant to play music together?

When you look for art work to go with the music what is it that you look for? How much does it have to fit the music in terms of colours, emotions and the way it looks?
-Xenoyr does that, locks himself up and then comes up with something tortured and beautiful at the same time.

What are the benefits of being involved with music? Why do you do it?
-We do it for the same reason you do it. Passion is the most amazing thing there is about a human being, if you don’t have one, you are already dead, it is as simple as that. It makes you grow as a person, it is a real accomplishment and the fact that there is no money to be made out of it makes it even better, because when you invest all your cash and time on your passion (no matter what that passion is ) then you can grow richer as a person and your mind will get stronger.

How does the metal community around you embrace Ne Obliviscaris? Do you feel a part of greater body?
-Australia’s metal community is huge and extremely diverse, we always have a great response whenever we play in our hometown. We definitely feel part of a greater body, the Melbourne music scene is astonishing, we play with instrumental post rock bands, mad grindcore, jazz / metal, and we’re all in perfect harmony, it really is a beautiful thing.

What plans do you have for the future?
-Tour the world, write music, record music, do it again.

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