This is classic Teutonic metal. After a comeback a couple of years ago NECRONOMICON are back with a new album. ©2016 Anders Ekdahl

You have a new record to promote. What’s your feeling on this one?
-Hi guys, it´s me Freddy the former of Necronomicon. Everyone expects, indeed of a Thrash Metal Band like us , a continous fire of speed and attack…but if you followed the bands historie over the last years , you will see different path of songwriting like other Thrash Metal bands especillay in Germany . We have , I think so , found a very unique mix of Thrash and Heavy Metal … just our way. It’s just my interpretation of music that I like and prefer and Pathfinder linked thenceforth. Perhaps, the new album is a little more adventurous , even what regards the sound . We wanted to get back to the roots, almost like in the 80s Discontinued these exaggerated modern sound, by now, all bands prefer. We deliberately let the guitar sound like an original Gibson Les Paul and we do not use drum samples. It sounds like a rehearsal session….pure, clear and honestly and just not distorted.

How much harder is it to come up with new songs when you have been at it so long as you guys have?
-Not so hard, only the beginning.. The new album is a so called „concept album“ , which is gonna to reflect the band’s history … the good and bad times and the not easy way the band and I trodden until today. I`ve thought a long time about how to tackle the new album, cause the „ Invictus“ album was very personal and also very stressful for me, because I really wanted to deliver a really good and outstanding album. So it was a big challenge how I should go about it…especially to unite the way and the history of the band with the songs and lyrics. I have to confess , I had to take this step with scareness, especially will it gonna be interpreted and understood by the fans on the right way. But I wanted to make sure , and I am fully convinced and happy about „ Pathfinder….“

Do you feel that there is an endless source to pick from when it comes to lyrics?
-I for one would have a harder time not repeating myself lyrically than musically. That’s right , you can not „reinvent the wheel „…but we were always a band that also deals with political issues and current affairs. You just have to open your eyes and observe what is happening around you. I deal with the lyrics like in metaphors

Do you think much about how your album art work has to be better than the previous one? How do you pick art work?
-I love the artwork. It accurately reflects the theme „ Pathfinder…“; looking to finally arrive 30 years and looking forward with a new crew and line up. A very talented young graphic designer named “Daniel Dürböck“ designed the cover….pretty good, really.

Do you feel you get the respect you deserve? From both metalheads but also colleagues?
-Not by the press , but from the fans . I am honored to have been supported all these years by the fans over and over again. The band is my life, my baby, if you would call it like that and no one will take it away from me….no „wannabe Journalist“ or a fucking label. I make music because it’s my life and because I have the greatest respect for our fans . That’s what drives me and it always will be

What was your intention when you formed the band?
-We were young, wild and had only one aim: to make music. Hard stuff, which is gonna blow your head away ( hahahaha ) You appeared in that wave of German bands like Darkness and Assassin and Exumer. 1985 there was not a lot of German Thrash Metal bands. Bands like Sodom, Destruction or Kreator started in the same period, but with better circumstances. We got no luck in a fair and serious label, mentioned like the named bands. We were tricked and crapped by the beginning. The song “ Betrayed” from the new album describes this situation with our first label “ Gama Records”. We just had bad luck. We met the guys of Darkness in1986 in the production of their first album. Lucky and Arnd are really good friends and we are gonna plan to make a tour together next year.

What kind of image do you want people to get of the band?
-Honesty and respect. I do not need this affectation behavior. We are brothers in musique, in hard playing music, wether Thrash, Black , Death or another Heavy Metal direction.
How much touring do you guys do and what does touring give to you as a band?
-Last year it was a little quiet around us when it comes to tours but we will definitely play Europe, Russia and South America in 2016. Touring is rock and roll. There you live for as an musician

We live in volatile times now. How much do you think about that when you go on tour? Can you even think about it?
-You dazzle from ; or try at least. 2014 ! We played 10 gigs in Russia and traveled by train, even to ST . Petersburg and a few days later the rail station attacked by terrorist….that’s an oppressive feeling

What awaits you in the future?
-Having fun. And to enjoy what we can do. It´s a privilege which I appreciate and am very grateful. The tour and live planings running well and I hope the fans would like and support our new album. I have designed „ Pathfinder…“for the fans, too, as it is, so that we can make a common journey and joy on this album. Thank you guys for your support.

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