NECRONOMICON is a classic German thrash band with a new album out now. An interview had to be done. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

What kind of vision did you have for this new album and how well does the finished work match that vision?
Freddy: At first; thanxx a lot for realizing this interview. It`s an honor for me. My aim was: back to the roots. I wanted to write a hard, dirty and damn honest album. Nevertheless, not “old school” rather with modern sound and musical liberties…and I think I succeeded quite well ( hahaha..)
We had a lot of fun to make it real, believe me man.

Does location mean anything today? We used to hear about how it was all location, location, location back in the days if you wanted to make it big? That you had to come from a certain place to be sure to make it.
Freddy Growing up in my generation we were taught to learn how to cook meals for ourselves. We’re not talking microwave or frozen dinners. We’re talking the ceramic flour canister, teaspoons for measuring, and electric burner stove tops with a cast iron skillet. Mom would quickly slap a meal together throwing cabinet doors open to find the various ingredients. It just seemed to appear on the kitchen table. We were taught to replicate that process.
In the music business, it used to be that simple. Watch the veterans make the stew and repeat for yourself. The formulas and ingredients were pretty well defined and the outcomes predictable. This past week, rock legend Gene Simmons gave an interview that all but declared to the starving and upcoming artist to not quit their day job. I can’t say I disagree with his statements in the article. It’s been proven to me over and over again that the music industry’s music-stew is not repeatable any more. The problem is, the ingredients are essentially the same, but the way they are cooked is completely different now.

What is it like to be a in a band and to get to tour all over the world? What kind of feelings do that bring about?
Freddy: Of course it´s very exciting and every musicians is living for this moments; and of course a lot of people envy you for that kind of living but sometimes it is very exhausting. Not always you got beautiful hotels or great venues, where everything is very well organized … many of course do not see that.
But I’m far away from complaining. I am grateful to be able to do this job.

What kind of feedback have you had on your music? How important is feedback?
Freddy: Mark Twain once said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment.”Many of us struggle with the simple act of appreciating and complimenting the people around us. Greater appreciation leads to improved communication, better relationships, and more fulfillment. Especially we musicians love it to get a positive feedback or appreciation for our kind of music. That gives us the strength to go on and on…..BUT no matter how you are doing at your job, receiving negative feedback can be hard to swallow. So of course, I´m I´m happy and proud if we got positive feedback like: ” Hey guys, the new album is amazing….good job since the last 15 years, great band, Cult Thrashers from germany or some nomination in the Rock charts like in Spain or Greece ( ranking 6 and 15 ) I´m addicted to this f… It´s like my Baby, my child which I raised :-))

How do you know that you have written a “hit” song? Is there a particular feeling you get when you know that this is the one, this is the big “make it song”?
Freddy: Introduce yourself: you`re coming with a new song in the rehearsal room … we rehearse together and the guys are constantly whistling this tune … then you know that the song is „ok“ …. and if the guys call you days later and say, “Hey Freddy, the song is a killer …. I cannot get that f….song out of my head … then you know you did a good job and this could be a „hit“ song (hahaha)

As I am no musician I will never got to know the difference of analogue and digital. Can you explain the difference to me? what are the pros and cons of analogue V/S digital?
Freddy:Just because digital technology has advantages, that doesn’t mean it’s always better than analog. One interesting question is whether information stored in digital form will last as long as analog information. For example:
Museums still have paper documents (and ones written on clay or stone) that are thousands of years old, but no-one has the first email or cellphone conversation. Open any book on the history of photography and you’ll see reproductions of early photos taken by Niepce, ect…… But you won’t see any pictures of the first digital photo: even though it was much more recent, probably no-one knows what it was or who took it! Lots of people own and cherish plastic LP records that are decades old, but no-one attaches the same importance to disposable mp3 music files. That’s why, though the future may be digital, analog technology will always have its place.

What is it like to have people you never met liking your music and singing along to it at gigs?
Freddy: It makes me fucking proud: Maybe I can say, that´s the answer of your previous question „ how do I know, when I have written a „hit“ song or how important is feedback…..This is the reason why , you`re making music and playing alive. To see the smiling and happy faces, how passionately the fans drive the band during the concert….this is indescribable

How important are lyrics to you guys? Do you have any messages that you want to get forward?
Freddy Very important but we do not want to carry a message out like a priest or something like that. I am not a messiah. We think about what’s going on in the world. I like to pick up on current topics that I often process as metaphor. I think every one of us should think about what’s going on in the world. We only have this one planet

I love a really cool cover but I get the feeling that today with all this digital uploading/downloading people aren’t that concerned about artwork. How do you feel?
Freddy: Maybe you are right … I really appreciate a really good artwork that the artist had to design properly, too. We got a really cool artist from Berlin who was supposed to work on our “monster” from the first CD again; Then we let it refine by another agency and we are fully satisfied with the result. And yes, there is a lot of work behind it. I hope our fans are excited about it.

What does the future hold?
Freddy: We hope it continues with Necronomicon as well ; and of course I hope the new album will be successful and the fans in all over the world will like and love it. Our new label is very ‪encouraging‬ and we are busy in making and planing new tours in winter and spring. And you can be sure: the bastards are unleashed again….! Thanks a lot. With trashy greetz. Freddy

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