As a guide to the vast array of bands in this universe I present to you an interview with NECRONOMICON. Anders Ekdahl ©2021

The title of your new album “The Final Chapter” gives me the vibe of this being the end of NECRONOMICON. What choice was there behind the album title?
-Hi, and first of all thanks for the interest in the new album. I had the most horrible year of my life. Within 2 days I lost my parents to Corona and I had to struggle with that too. That paralyzes you for the time being; also concerning the planned recordings of the new album. We had fortunately recorded the drums in December 2019 and so we could then, after I had digested the shock to some extent ( although that will probably never really go ) in August then finally continue. Originally we wanted to have the album ready in April 2020; to the European tour start. But there it went to us like all the others. Nothing went more. I don’t think we’ve had a crisis like this in the world since the Spanish flu. Especially the music & event industry are totally down. We are fighting for survival. We’ll see what the new album brings. I hope there also very strongly, on the support of the label. The canceled European tour will be made up as soon as the situation out there improves, and then we’ll see. I can’t stop completely anyway, I’m too much of a musician and I love this kind of music too much. We will see what comes in 2021. That’s why our lyrics on the new album are darker than usual. Since I often use metaphors in the lyrics or work with metaphors, I have this time the theme of “death” very strongly focused. This is certainly also a certain processing of the events of last year.

NECRONOMICON as a band has been around for w very long time. I remember you guys from the late 80s/early 90s. How do you view the progression the band has made from the 80s?
-After the “Escalation” album, a terrible time began. Everyone who knows the band also knows their fate. I think it was quite important never to lose faith in the band. And it was very important that we picked ourselves up again and recorded “Construction of evil“. All that we achieved in the 80s, especially with the ” Escalation ” album , perished in the 90s. The band was so effectively dead. Nothing worked anymore. That’s why it’s difficult to describe any development or anything at all, even in the 90s. We were not allowed to use the name, nor were we allowed to play the songs. With the ” Construction of evil ” album we went steadily forward, so that we even made it into the rock charts in Greece and Spain. From the new album “The Final Chapter” I hope very much. I am very very optimistic

We all carry baggage with us that affects us in one way or another but what would you say have been the single greatest influence on your sound?
-Everyone knows that we originally came from punk rock. bands like Discharge, GBH and especially Exploited have influenced us from a young age. But then Slayer and Metallica tore it all down. I was so flashed that I wanted to unite exactly these two music styles for us as NECRONOMICON. Also formative was certainly Motörhead with their album ” Ace of spades “. Incredibly good.

From what I understand NECRONOMICON of today are spread out around the world. Does this bring with it any greater difficulties, apart from Covid-19 in?
-It’s the same for all musicians; Covid-19 has changed everything. The music industry and especially the musicians and bands are completely down and fear for their existence. It’s the same for us. We had to cancel the European tour 3 days before it started. This was a disaster for everyone financially as well. I hope now so much for the vaccine and that not only Europe-wide but worldwide can be vaccinated; and hopefully very quickly. This is the only chance to get back on our feet. If all goes well, we can possibly restart the tour in the fall.

Something I have often wondered about is if you feel that you are part of something bigger and greater when you play in a band, that you are part of a movement sort of?
-Above all, it is the love to the music. Not everyone is given to be musical or to be able to play an instrument. This is something great that can only be recommended to everyone if they have the opportunity. And of course everyone who has ever stood on stage is addicted to that feeling, to that thrill and when you see the enthusiastic fans, the sparkle in their eyes. That’s wonderful. Ich lebe diesen Traum jetzt über 35 Jahre und ich träume immer noch. Necronomicon is like my baby. I will always give EVERYTHING for this band. And I also think that there are no better and more loyal fans than in the metal scene, which gives you so much back. I would do everything again…, almost everything :-))

I am a child of the 80s metal scene. Back when you browsed through your local record store looking for the latest. And when you found a cover that grabbed you, you bought the album. I am still like that today. What is a great album cover to you? What makes you buy an just based on the album cover?
-Interesting question. I feel the same way about buying a bottle of wine. Is the label interesting or even the shape of the bottle ( and although I do not know the type of wine ) it is easier for me to buy it.
I think it is the same with vinyl or cD cover. It must inspire you, make you curious and of course be graphically professional and appealing. But tastes are different. So it can be that you as a band are completely convinced of your cover artwork, but the majority of fans do not feel that way at all. It’s always a matter of luck to hit the right nerve. Just like in music.

What is your opinion on digital verses physical? Is digital killing music?
-In the age of Corona, you have no choice but to use the modern, digital options. But I must confess, I am still completely “old school”. I still buy CDs or DVDs. I still like to go to the music store and listen to the stuff. It’s such a nice process. Besides, I’m not very well versed in the digital world; I don’t know much about it hahaha….Interestingly, this also varies from country to country. In Germany, for example, physical sales are still flourishing quite well. In the Scandinavian countries, almost everything is done via download.

I don’t want to paint the future black but what are your feelings on the music scene post Covid-19?
How do we keep it alive during this crisis?
-As I said. I hope for the vaccine. This is the only way to quickly regain normality. And it has to happen quickly. The event & music industry is collaborating.

What kind live scene is there for bands like yours? When you play live is it a happening or do you see it more as a party?
-When we were young, it was indeed more party than professionalism. The main thing was fun, beer and pleasure. But that doesn’t work for long; especially if you want to do it professionally and earn your money with it. You need to quickly gain a very professional attitude and do it consistently. At fist, it`s a job. Of course, the best you can get, but if you want to do it well, it`s extremely hard, too. You have to be focused in what you`re doing. Day by day.

What would you like to see the future bring?
-All the promoters assured our management that the concerts and the tour will take place as soon as it is possible again. On the contrary, many promoters still want to dock to the upcoming European tour. Now we are eagerly waiting for the vaccine and that this will happen quickly. And I want to tour in South-America again. Argentina, Brasil and Chile are in planning and if all things running well, we could go to Japan to promote the new album as well.
I have to thank you, it was a pleasure for me. I really hope that we can come to Scandinavia as soon as possible, too.This is a wish of my heart. I would like to make it short and yet it is immensely important for me: Stay healthy out there and look after yourself! Beware the beast !

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