NECRONOMICON are as old school as it gets. Dating back the original German thrash invasion of the 80s they should be mentioned with the same reverence as Kreator, Destruction and Sodom but something stopped them from going all the way. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What was it that made you come back to the thrash metal scene?
-Hi it´s me Freddy and thanxx for your interest in NECRONOMICON. Well, we´ve never been away and hadn´t have therefore a „comeback“. We got a horrible time after the split with Gama Rec., cause we lost all the artists’ rights plus the name to use it in public. For more than 10 years. Only one case helped us to get back on our feet.

When you released albums in the 80s I thought of you as second rate. Having heard your new album I might have been too hasty in writing you off. How well did you fare against bands like Destruction, Sodom and Kreator?
-All these bands got indeed justified and deserves its success. But I think we don’t have to hide behind anyone. Sure, we are not quite as successful as the one or other, but we have increased steadily. The best proof are still the reviews of last years. We were always at the forefront. I also do not like these constant comparisons. We got our own style and we are NECRONOMICON.

What was it that made Germany such a great thrash metal ambassador in the 80s with bands like Assassin, Darkness, exhumer and you guys?
-Well, there is always a difference between American and European bands, especially the Germans. Perhaps it is because. I don´t know it exactly. This is an issue that can answer by press and the journalists best. Funnily enough, the German bands are more popular abroad, especially in the U.S. It´s the same with NECRONOMICON. Crazy….

I guess most of you guys like me are rushing towards the big 5 0. Where do you see yourself fitting in, in today’s thrash metal scene?
-I can´t suggest to make any other kind of music style. Metal, especially Thrash Metal, is what we are standing for. We got more than 25 years dedicate thru this kind of music, we got heaven and we got hell in this area, believe me, but only this fucking noise of this music let us be alive. Perhaps not for the next coming 30 years live on stage (grins)…..but still for a long, long time. Well, and I think we are on a damn good and successful way.

Having been part of that wave of German thrash metal in the 80s how much different is the metal scene today? I get the impression that people today aren’t as album-bound but more go for individual songs instead.
-This is not always so easy. I’m trying, NECRONOMICON remain faithful to its own style. I do not want to give current trends. Otherwise there is some risk to drift there. For me “the old school style” is still the measure of all things. I don´t try to let myself be inspired by other bands. Although you can not completely avoid, I know, but I got my inspiration of movie sounds. Sounds strange, but it´s true. Like everything in life it´s all a matter of taste. And no one should argue about it.

Now that you have a new album out, in what ways are you going to promote it? How much touring can you guys do for it to be financial doable?
-We are gonna promote the album worldwide. Live and through the sales of our label and distribution company. (Massacre Records & Soulfood Dist.) We are currently planning a tour in South America and South Africa and some big festivals in Europe. I think it´s the only way to “survive” as a musician.

How much can you live on your reputation from the 80s/90s in order to re-build the bands rise to fame?
-Of course we got with the first album attracted worldwide attention and made the name famous. But the glory has faded fast if you’re not always working on your developing. It´s so important to increase steadily

If you look back on the albums you’ve released are there any of these you wish you’d never done?
-No. Even with the release of “Scream”, which was under an unlucky star, we have learned something from it. This is also important for a development of a band. And to believe in yourself and not give up.

How hard was the 90s for the band? What was it that made you
break-up/take a break?
-We lost everything. Our rights, we had also suffered personal tragedies; more than once and we got no money for even more sales. But we never give up. Therefore, I also wrote this album with the title “Invictus”

What kind of future plans do you have for the band in 2012 and forward?
-Having fun and play alive around the world. I hope we can realize that. Therefore, all booking agencies of this world: Just call us or our management. We are ready and are “possessed again”…beware the beast.
Thanxx a lot for this interview and thrashy greets to all of you guys.
Yours Freddy

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