I might sound like a broken record but I do not care. 90% of the fun doing a webzine is to discover new acts. Italian NEFESH are one of these acts. Interview withLuca Lampis (guitarist, lyrics writer and founder of the band). Anders Ekdahl ©2013

OK, you guys are totally new to me so please give me a short introduction? How would you like to describe the music you play to somebody new to the band?
-NEFESH is a project that took form many years ago, in 2005 more or less. I wanted to start a band to play my (and then our) ideas, trying to create something original. It wasn’t easy to find the right people for this project because I was looking for good musicians but first of all good friends to work with. You know, when you have to work with somebody else to create your own music you need a nice relationship with all the other members you play with, otherwise there’s no way….
So we recorded our first album “Nefesh” (2006) and then the last “Shades and Lights”, that we premiered in a special gig in London where Sky’s cameras came to shoot us.
If I have to describe our music maybe the best thing I could say is that it’s a continuous stimulus…

When you pick a band name that is from an ancient language what it is that you want to say with the choice?
-Basically we chose the word “Nefesh” for two reasons: first of all because we were looking for a word that wasn’t in English (it’s so annoying that every band has its name in English!) and the second one was that the word “Nefesh” is a concept that in my opinion there isn’t in just one word in Italian or in English and is really close to our style of music: Nefesh means the union between soul and body…means the whole person in its spiritual and physical manifestation. Our music is pretty similar to this kind of union and this concept underpins the lyrics of “Shades and Lights”…

What is the Italian metal scene like today? What kind of bands are popular today in Italy?
-…oh…that’s an hard question. At least for me…I could say that there are a lot of good bands here but none knows about them… me neither! That is because we have a lot of webzines with tons of reviews and interviews but there are no places where those bands can go to play in. Sincerely I have not so much time to spend reading reviews but I’d love going to any live club to listen new Italian metal bands…so this is the real problem. Maybe the most popular Italian band is Rhapsody at the very moment…I don’t know…I’m not an hard follower of this metal scene actually…

How do you feel that you are accepted by the Italian metal fans? What kind of scene are we speaking of?
-I’m not sure about what kind of scene we belong to…it seems to me that our fans are really heterogenic…I think that there’s no limit about our potential audience…they just need the patience and the time to listen our music carefully…

When you release an album on your own what are the reasons for doing it that way?
-Mainly because today nobody support a band to release an album paying…but when you do it on your own you have more freedom and the complete control of your work.

What have you gotten in return from doing the album yourself so far? What has it given you that you have an album out?
-We recorded “Shades and Lights” in Lucca then mastered in Finnvox studios in Finland. We worked with Frank Andiver who liked our first album “Nefesh” and he was sure to be able to help us…so we decided to collaborate with him in his studios. I think that recording an album far from home sometimes can give you a different point of view about your own music and your own work…other prospectives…

How easy is it to find the right kind of people to work with when you want to record, or when you need art work?
-That’s not easy at all…first of all you need to find someone that have a similar sensitivity about the things you are working on. Then the most important thing is to be humil and able to accept criticisms and suggestions. That’s why I want to collaborate with people I already know…to be sure about all these things…

How easy is it today to get professional help promoting the band? What can a PR agency do that you can’t do yourself?
-That is another really difficult thing…first of all because it’s not easy to find an honest professional agency. Each agency says that it is the best one you could ever find but then it remains just words most of the time …I have to say that we were lucky to work with “Necroagency” and actually “K2Music Management”. A real professional PR agency has much more contacts than you gets, they know where promote you and the best way to do that. In most cases, especially in an underground band, musicians have other works to live so they have not time enough to spend promoting their band…and this is the point: if you don’t have the time to promote your band no one will know about you.

How important are the social media and webzines in promoting the band?
-I think that today is critical having a massive presence in social networks and webzines…people have to see that you exists, that you have project, that you play live, that you are writing new pieces and overall that you care about them, the fans…

What future do you see for the band?
– Personally I see a shining future! I’m pretty sure about the goodness of our music and ,you know, if you don’t believe in your work there’s no reason to keep going with it! I’m graduated in conservatory and in a while I’ll get a master in classical guitar, I studied in England, Spain, I played classical music like soloist in many places and some weeks ago I was in Chicago invited to play at the 2nd Latin America Guitar Fest there, having the opportunity to teach and play at Columbia College Conservatory and UNAM University…I would say that I have many other musical projects in my life but NEFESH is the one I have since I was 16…and in less than ten years I was able to start this band I love, recording two albums, to launch our second album in London, to win a lot of competitions…yes I strongly believe in this band as all my bandmates do, all of us spend a lot of energies in this project so I’m pretty sure about a shining future.

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