NEIGE et NOIRCEUR is a Canadian black metal band with a twist. If you like your BM filled with atmosphere and haven’t checked out this band yet you should do so by reading this interview to begin with. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I speak no French whatsoever so everything in French sounds romantic and exotic. Could you explain the idea behind Neige et Noirceur?
-The idea behind Neige et Noirceur (translation of : snow and darkness) has always been to create original dark music in line with the cold seasons and the spirit that goes with these. I switched between different styles depending on my mood, whether it be Doom, drone, dark folk and for sure black metal. But almost everything in French, which is of course my native language. As do a lot of black metal bands around the world as a matter of fact.

From what I understand you’ve gone more guitar oriented on this new album. Was that a conscious decision or was it more a spur of the moment kinda thing?
-I wanted to start this album without wasting any time with a sleep-inducing intro. I think after all the releases I made, the public needed something going straight to the point: fast black metal.

In creating the music do you think in terms of images? How do you create the music you do?
-When I am alone at home, in autumn, winter.

How important is the graphic side of Neige et Noirceur? Does that side have to correlate with the music side or can they be two different entities and still gel?
-No, everything has to be related from my point of view. As a matter of fact, when I finish an album, I draw something directly related to the music and texts. I’ve always made all the artworks for Neige et Noirceur.

In being alone does that give you greater freedom in creating the things you want? Are there any limitations to doing it on your own?
-When you’re alone, everything is possible musically, and the only limit is your audio equipment or your lack of imagination. Many black metal bands are lacking in imagination…

I know of no other metal genre that has so many one-man projects as black metal. Is there something to black metal that suits loneliness better?
-I have no idea why. But to be honest I think many of these young individuals are in fact lacking talent, as black metal is overcrowded these days. I still carry on because I like expressing myself through this music, but I’ve never tried to be famous or anything like that. In fact, nobody knows I play/record Black Metal except my girlfriend. Today, anyone can record black metal, you just have to listen “Zarach ‘Baal’ Tharagh”, but the musicians who have a culture and talents are rare. They are the ones that strike a chord in the listeners, and their art can become a cult, as opposed to those who scream on and on that they are cult!

I only know the stuff I’ve read about the Quebecois black metal sound. Is there a specific Quebecois sound and what is it?
-Not sure exactly if there is something specific to it, but I know that in Quebec, the bands feel all brothers, which is a good of thing. Our scene is booming and it’s great but sometimes I’d wish the bands from Quebec would bring something new to the sound of black metal. At least here, we are not afraid to sing in our native language. It’s our greatest pride.

To me the geography of Canada is strange with a small stretch of the country being French speaking. What is it like to live in a part that is in minority language wise but still have so much power over the rest of the country?
-Canada is divided into several provinces (or states.), and as you’ve said Quebec is mostly French. I was raised in French. The rest of Canada needs us, so they must do business. But I dream of having my country and I’m proud of my roots and my traditions. Sadly, many do not care about Quebec’s history and dream of being American. Guess I was born on the wrong continent, as I feel much more European than American.

What kind of response do you get on the stuff Neige et Noirceur creates? Do you even care what people think of the stuff you make?
I think Neige et noirceur receives a warm welcome in Europe and the United States. But these are just things I see/learn through the internet, and it’s more of a feeling than something tangible. Most critics of my albums have been excellent, so I guess I’m making something of an impact. I must say, however, that I feel my worst album is undoubtedly “Crepuscule hivernal sans fin …”. I was unprepared when I recorded it. On the other end, I’d recommend “L’abime des jours, l’ecume des nuits”, which I feel is a record of total blackness and coldness. It’s ultra raw, and people think its a vulgar demo, but it’s actually one of my favorites, even with its imperfections, because it embodies winter feelings.

Will there be a future for Neige et Noirceur?
-There is always a future for people who are passionate. As I have some free time during the year to record, Neige et Noirceur will carry on.

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