NERVOSA is a thrash metal band from Brazil that recently signed with Napalm Records. If you haven’t checked out their video yet you should do so because this could very well be the next big thing in thrash. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

In this day and age it is a bold move to stick with playing thrash metal the way it used to sound in the late 80s/early 90s. What made you stick with this kind of metal?
-Mainly because it’s a huge influential standing point for us! When we first started writing songs we didn’t ever get to establish how we should sound or not. It was pretty organic. Since old school thrash metal is a great influence for all of us three, we couldn’t help it ended up showing its roots in our songs! We actually feel very happy when people tell us we sound like the 80, cause we really take that as a complimetn!?

What kind of bands have helped shape your sound? What sets your sound apart from other thrash metal bands?
-All of us three have pretty different perosnal influences, but we end up agreeing in bands like Slayer, old Sepultura, etc. But many other bands like Pantera, nuclear Assault, Death and Coroner are names that definetely helped us shaping our music! Honestly, I don’t think we came up with something completely new in terms of music, we’re just adding some fresh air to the old stuff!?

I saw on Youtube that you’ve made a promo video. How tough was it to get that done? What was the purpose for it?
-Actually, it was a lot faster than we thought it would be. We had two or three meetings with the videomakers, set our ideas on the table and in one day we recorded everything. In less than a week, the guys were with all the material done and ready to be released, it was really surprising. we wanted something simple, but aggressive in a certain way. That’s why we’ve put some images of us playing the same way we do live, in terms of energy and stuff, and the other scenes that appear out there are pretty related to the lyrics: you trust someone and this person stabs you in the back! Of course the lyrics can interpreted in many ways, but that lil story on the clip is one of the interpretations you can take off them!?

Nervosa is a pretty good band name for a thrash metal band. You might end up that way with too much exposure to the style. What made you chose that word as your band’s name?
We wanted something simple, easy to remember, in Portuguese, aggressive and which made reference to the female gender. Nervosa would be “angry”, but as a female adjective. I guess it couldn’t be any more perfect! People around the world can try to pronounce it with no huge problems, and maybe even remember it after a while, cause it’s easy, you know…?

I know that there is a great thrash metal history in Brazil dating back to the 80s but what is the thrash metal scene like today?
-The whole metal scene here in Brazil is incredibly huge and rich. It’s a continental country and it’s impressive how, in every city you go, there’s a good band out there. The metal scene is really strong, and many of the bands which are touring outside and inside Brazil play this metal genre. Bands here are getting professional, also, really worried about having a good recording, good videos and good propaganda aroung them, which is pretty important. I guess we have down here one of the best metal scenes… Bands are not afraid to risk, to go to diffrent paths and try different things with their music and this makes me real happy!?

I know very little about Brazil. All I know is pretty much Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Brasilia but apart from that Brazil is pretty much rain forests. What kind of places are there to play for a band that draws a good sized crowd?
-We do have a lotta forest but it’s not only about that. We have huge and pretty developed cities here, which are getting bigger and bigger… Many bands from abroad come to play here and many of the tour routes are changing, it’s not only about São Paulo, or Rio de Janeiro anymore. Many dates are being schedule in the northeast of Brazil, for example, which is awesome. We have metal crowds here everywhere you go..?

When you are a little unknown band striving to be heard what kind of support do you get from the metal fans in Brazil?
-When people here like your music, the support is endless. People wanna buy your stuff when they have money, they wanna show this to their friends. There are a lot of zines and web magazines as far as radio an internet TV shows too, so, there are many ways you can spread your music and work!?

How much time and effort are you prepared to spend on the band to make it happen? What goals do you have for the band?
-Unfortunately we have our regular jobs which don’t let us work with the band in a full time period, but right now, we’re investing a lot of time on the band, rehearsing, answering emails, scheduling shows and interviews and doing whatever is necessary for us to get where we want! We don’t spare any efforts to make it happen and we risk a lot of things to get the band into somewhere. But everything we do is believing that all our effort will be worthwhile. ?

When you release a CD (demo or album) what is the hardest part of the process?
-We’re about to release our first EP and we had no problems so far. We already signed with Napalm Records for the first full lenghth, then, I believe then when the time comes for us to record the first album, it will be kinda tough for all of us in a certain way because we’re gonna spend a lotta time at the studio, working on the songs and on the recording/mastering, and all attention is necessary during that period, but as it’s something we’ve always wished to come true, we’re gonna be able to face everything in a good way !?

What will the near future bring to Nervosa?
-After releasing the EP and the album, we plan to keep touring hardly in Brazil and start planning with our manager and label a South American , North American and European tour. All of this, of course, after making everything we can to make our music get to the greatest number of headbangers which is possible!

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