The Spanish metal scene is full of cool bands, like NETER. If you haven’t checked them out yet here is your chance to do so. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

Do you feel that is has gone the way you intended when you formed back in the days?
-We think that things have gone better than we expected, since the group was born simply to make the music we liked, with a clear intention of spread our music around the world. However, we have gone much further than we had thought since we have shared the stage with a good deal of high level bands and we have signed for international record labels.

How do you feel about your latest recording? Did it come out the way you expected it to?
-We always try to take a step further in our albums, try to reinvent ourselves and include new musical resources. We feel that we have achieved it this album, we have taken one more step in terms of composition and sound. We believe that things have gone as expected or even better, since the vast majority of reviews of Inferus are very positive and we have received a lot of purchases of Inferus, so many that we have almost run out of CDs.

Do you feel that you by now has found a sound that is the band and that you can build on it?
-We think we get our own unique sound and our hallmark from Idols. Even so, we are not closed to include new elements and features to our already consolidated sound, as can be heard in Inferus.

Is having a message in the lyrics important to you? What kind of topics do you deal with?
– Every detail when you are writing music is important, and the lyrics are no exception. Each album we have written tells a different story, but the main subject is the end of civilizations. Inferus is like a journey through history in which we talk about how different cultures have faced their own disappearance and, in other words, their own death. Many primitive religions worshiped death like a god, and we have referred to death the same way on our lyrics. So, it would be like if that deification of death was behind the end of civilizations, and mankind venerates it because they fear it. We prefer not to express these ideas explicitly, so that’s why we use metaphors and symbolism to tell these stories.

How important is the cover art work for you? Can a really cool cover still sell an album in this day and age of digital download?
-In the production of an album, all details are important. The cover is a very important aspect since it is the first impression that a possible listener takes of the band, reason why we consider it something of great importance.

Why is it so hard for bands that come from places not the US or UK/Sweden/Scandinavia to break big? What is success to you and is it something you’d like to achieve?
– In many countries there are death metal bands, but there are countries where extreme metal is much more powerful than in other ones. In countries like ours, there is much less support for death metal than in others, so it costs much more to get away than in regions like Scandinavia or the US. Within death metal, the success for us is to reach the greatest number of people, be it listening to us or playing in festivals or gigs all over the world

Today the competition is harder. You got plenty of digital platforms for new talent to display their music. How do you do to really stand out in a world where everything but the music is blind to the listener?
-We try to work hard and write music every time better. Our goal in each album is to differentiate ourselves and stand out from the other extreme metal bands. We try to make the music we feel, we simply do what we like to make sure that the audience likes it too. We never try to sell ourselves, we always do what we feel.

What is your local scene like? How important is a national scene for a band to be able to break out and make it international?
-There are very good bands In the Spain musical scene, and although the scene is quite limited, people offer their support to 100% so we feel very loved. We believe that the national scene is important but it is not strictly necessary, because as in our country our music is not greatly enhanced, it is not necessary to have repercussion at the national level if we have it in the international sphere. In fact there are groups that are quite famous internationally but not nationally.

Rock and metal has come a long way since the early 70s but still some people’s attitudes towards it seem to be left in the stone age. How accepted is metal in your area? Is it like in Finland where it seems to come with the mother’s milk?
-The quality of extreme music is not appreciated very much in our country, the immense majority of death metal bands have an excellent quality but they stay in the Underground musical scene, unfortunately in our country it is not anywhere near as in Finland as far as music is concerned. Even so, the Underground musical scene we have, although it is a minority, is very active and the people of that scene appreciate extreme music.

What does the future hold for you?
-Our plans for the future are to promote our latest album Inferus everything we can, continue our tour and, in the meantime, start to compose what will be our 4th album, in which we will try to go one step further as a band

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