I like my doom slow. NONSUN gave me that but also a hell of a lot more cool stuff. Do yourself a favour and check this band out if you like doom. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

For all those that are not familiar with the band a short introduction might be in order.
-We are a two-piece (to date) from Lviv, Ukraine started in 2011. I play the guitars, bass and occasionally scream. Alpha plays on drums. By now we have one album released in December 2012 and titled ‘Good Old Evil’.

Would you say that you play funeral doom, death doom or just plain doom? Do you even consider your music doom?
-We play funeral noise. Joking! Of course, we consider our music primarily as doom. I personally love and listen to all forms of doom, which is why our music incorporates elements of drone, sludge, funeral, death-doom, and perhaps some other subgenres.

What would you say has been your greatest source of inspiration? What has shaped the sound of NONSUN?¬
¬-I think our greatest source of inspiration is music itself and our love for music. We both are interested in not so many things outside music. When we see each other, we either play music or talk about music.
What has shaped the sound on ‘Good Old Evil’ is the acoustics of the big basement hall in which the demo has been recorded. We were just following that sound during the writing, the recording and even mixing processes. We wanted the sound on the album to be as close as possible to that in the hall. This raw, spacey, huge, dirty. Guess we’ve succeeded with that.

How well respected are you guys in your local/national metal scene?
-Not bad, considering that we’re almost totally unknown here. All our friends say we‘re fucking awesome, haha.

Would you say that there is a concept to NONSUN? What would that be in that case?
-We don’t have a thoroughly built ideological concept. We rather let things flow naturally. However, there’s certainly some philosophy, beyond the sheer music, that unites all our songs. But it’s put there rather intuitively than consciously. We have our own thoughts, our own views, our experience, emotions, so they creep into our music and create that philosophy. If I had to choose a certain primary concept, I would like my music to be dehumanized as much as possible, but I feel I’m too weak for that at this point.

I personally am not a great friend of humans. I think most people suck big time. What is wrong with mankind in your opinion?
-I share your dislike of humans. I think that the human nature itself is wrong. Man came to being as a result of some awful failure and there’s nothing to do to fix it.

What is so great about nihilism? What is nihilism to you?
-Nihilism says that life has no objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value. How can this be great? It’s horrible! But it’s true. So it’s great.
I think nihilism, as everything else in the world, has two sides. It’s great if you reject outer rules and laws, but at the same time you have to be able to build your own limitations for your inner demons, be adult, responsible. Otherwise we’ll live in a society portrayed in many post-apocalyptic movies. So nihilism is great only if you’re able to deal with this dangerous freedom.

What kind of reactions have you had to your demo so far?
-The reactions we’ve had are more and better than we’ve ever expected. Especially as for the newcomer band with 12-18 minutes songs full of hateful miserable ugly noise, haha.

We are grateful to all the people who have written awesome reviews, taken interviews, spread the word, bought our EP, or supported us in some other way. This is really flattering and inspiring for us.

What are the benefits of releasing it digitally and not physically?
-I’m not sure about benefits, it’s simply been easier to do it digitally. We did everything ourselves – from recording to mixing to artwork, and this all took more time than we’d planned, so we just wanted to put it out as soon as possible and not delay any longer spending time on pressing the CDs, making & printing an artwork, and all that shit. Besides, we wanted to release it before the world’s end which was supposed to happen on December 21. So we just put it out on Bandcamp 12/12/12, which looked like a cool number for ‘Good Old Evil’, because it contained six 6s. I’m not being serious in the last two sentences.

What future do you see?
-Pitch black, as well as the present and the past. Talking about Nonsun, in June, hopefully, we’re going to release another EP which should contain 2 songs from the demo and 1 or 2 new ones. Also, at the moment we write music for a totally new album, which, I hope, will be a full-length. We’re also trying to find at least one more man, to be able to play gigs.

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