The cliché says that the Viking were all about mead and meat. Canadian NORDHEIM might be folk metal with a twist but they too still draw from the Viking imagery. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

What is it with Canadian bands and names in German? You guys are the second band I’ve come upon that have a German word as a band name?
-We saw that name somewhere and we thought it sounded cool. We actually didn’t know that it was in German

Does that ever give you any sort of problems when you are contacted by foreign fans? Any sort of misconceptions about what kind of a band you guys are?
-Not really, except the fact that 2 other bands in the world have the same name as us.

You guys seem to focus on the party side of the Germanic/Norse mythology. Loads of beers and mead but also trolls and other types living in the forest. What was it that made you go this way?
-Because we like to party. drink beer and have fun. We’re also geeks so it came by itself.

How serious are we supposed to take you guys? Is it more party than life or death about your music?
-Depends on the song. You can’t expect to have a life lesson or philosophic reasoning for a song called Beer, Metal, Trolls and VOMIT!! but some songs refer to real life thoughts

What is it about Germanic/Norse mythology that suits to be used in metal? Where the people back then metal in spirit?
-Because Vikings back then used to have protons and electrons in their body. And guess what? WE ALSO HAVE PROTONS AND ELECTRONS IN OUR BODY!!! We were destined to be together. This is our fate.

How much of a party is it when you guys play live? What can an unsuspecting audience expect?
-Beer (lots of it), headbanging (lots of it), moshpit (lots of it), body surfing (lots of it), sweaty guys (lots of it), jokes (lots of it), muscles (not that much of it) and a stuffed fish

What kind of metal scene are you guys a part of? How is the local scene in your town?
-Mostly humans…

You’ve released a couple of records already. Do you see an increase in the interest for each new one?
-Actually, the first release was a demo. We printed 150 copies and never printed other copies. So, yes we saw a good increase between the 2 releases.

What has been the greatest thing about being in a band so far? What is so great about being in a band?
-Signing boobs, drinking beers and booze, seeing fans going crazy, shows and D&D in the tour truck

What future plans do you guys have? Anything that you’d like to happen that hasn’t already happened?
Warraxe : Become a king by his own hands
Benfok : Become as strong as my daddy
Luk : Shake my nerves faster than possible
Thom : Become the greatest rabbit rider in the world
Fred : Bring world peace
Nordheim: Kick pagan asses, record our next album in October, play Diablo 3 and tour America and Europe (eventually)

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