Some bands let the music do almost all the talking, which I guess is the case with NORTHERN LADIES but don’t let that stop you from checking out this interview first. Anders Ekdahl ©2016

When you release a new recording does it feel like you have to start a new a couple step back because so much time has passed and so many new bands have entered the scene since the last album or do you just pick up where the last one left?
-We have only released one EP so far so everything is still kind of new for us, and right after the realese we had to switch leadsinger so we had to start all over again. And now we are working on a new album.

Do you have an aesthetic that you keep true to from recording to recording (i.e. stylistical same art work, lyrical theme etc.)?
-We think we keep the same theme with the lyrics,artwork and music. It’s mostly about being strong and independed with attitude.

How hard is it to come up with lyrics to the songs? When do you know thst you have the right lyrics?
-Hm..It’s a tricky question! Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s not. We think when the music and the lyrics have the same feeling it’s good!

How hard is it to find the right art work? What are you looking for?
-We try to make the artwork refflect the feelings of our music and lyrics.

Do you ever feel that you get misinterpretated because of the music you play?
-We get so much positive comments and support to what we do, the fans are just amazing! People who haven’t seen us live kind of believe that we don’t play hard rock, but after a liveshow they use to say that they got blown away and suprised in a good way. Which blow us away !

Do you feel that you get the recognition you deserve, nationally as well as internationally?
-We are suprised by the recognition we all ready got in such short time. And we have only played together live for about a year. And with our new singer we have only played together a few months.

Is the end of physical close by or is there a future for all formats?
-Right now we only have music in digital formats. But we are planning to make our next project(album) in all kinds of formats. CD,LP…ect.

I get the impression that today’s touring scene is most made up of festivals or multiple band line-ups. Is it harder/tougher to tour today?
-We don’t actually now..we have just started.

If you were to decide how would the stage show look like?
-Baaang baaang and lots of fire !!!

What does the future hold?
-We are planning for lots of gigs and a new album.

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