Mexico is not just drug related murders. There is also a great metal scene that we don’t get to hear that much about. So start with NOSTRA MORTE and then dig deeper. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I get the impression that there is some sort of concept behind the album. Could you please in short tell us the story behind the album?
-It’s not only behind this album but behind all the band’s idea.
When Alferis DaMort (songwritter, gutural voice) and Pier LeMort (musical composer, lead guitarrist) began this, they were trying to musicalize tales myths and legends from differnt traditions all over the world; so our music mix atmospheres, orquestations, feelings and he interaction of the characters from that tales, do this have been result into and almost operatic and symphonic style that involves ot only music but also each member characterization, literature, folk traditions and more.

What is the Mexican metal scene like today? How well does NOSTRA MORTE fit in?
-Well, the mexican metal scene is alive and growing, there are great acceptance and response. For the mexican bands it’s difficult to gain respect and to be considered the same way that the foreign bands, so we have to make bigger efforts to be in the eye of the mexican metal listeners. Also here in Mexico there are not a label specialized in metal that works all the aspects that a bands need, like tour management, media and advertising and recording and distribution. So, for us to be gaining recognition outside Mexico it’s very important and we are doing it thanks to Ravenheart Records that is distributing our album in Europe.

Is it hard to realize the project of releasing an album when you do it yourself? How do you find a studio to work in, the right kind of people to work with?
-Having and independent production have many pros and cons. The first advantage is that you are able to make exactly the music that you like and to develop your sound exactly as you want it to be. We can proudly say (because the sound quality of our album speaks for him) that our funding member Pier LeMort also is our musical director and producer. We record, mix and do all the process in our own home studio. In the other hand we have learned that we have to be very disciplined and hardworking because without the pressure of an external studio, we sometimes tend to slow down the composition and production process.

How pleased are your with the way the album turned out?
-We are very pleased and have high expectations for our second studio album “Sin Retorno” because this album opened the door for the euopean market and will be our introduction card to show to the gotic and shymponic metal scene thatwe have quality to be gaining new audiences and that the mxican made symphonic and gothic metal is well made.

How easy is it to let go of the control over the music when it has been released on record and is out there for everybody to make their own interpretation of it?
_We think that is a matter o being sure of what we are doing, we are open to good and bad reviews but besides that the best compliment that we can get it’s that our music inspires thoughts and emotions to our listeners.

When I think of Mexico I think of Mexico City as the heart of everything Mexican and the rest of Mexico as a sleepy kind of place. What is Mexico like for you as a metal band? What kind of respect do you get?
-Almost all the members of nostra morte get together and live in a small province city far form the capital city. For us it has been a hardworking process to gain national recognition and to be in some point and nowadays a headline band in many gigs around mexican cities. We grow up as a band thanks to the media (myspace, youtube, facebook,lastfm, twitter and others) and then we take advantage of the opportunities that we got to play in differente festivals in Mexican cities like, DF, Toluca, San Luis, Guadalajara, Cuernavaca, Manzanillo to mention some of them.

Is there a big interest in the kind of metal that you play nationally or do you get better responses from abroad?
-We can tell that is a growing interest because some mexican bands like us have been working hard to get places and time in mexican TV shows, newspapers, magazines, webzines, radio and media that involves bigger audiences, so we are growing as a symphonic/gothic metal scene that is going out of the “underground”. Ouside Mexico we have self organized club fans in Perú, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Argentina that are sharing our music to many people and trying to get us touring there, and in Europe was different, we began to be recognized by the specialized media and had some good reviews of our albums that opened the door for further achievements like the distribution of our album by ravenheart records.

How tough is it for you to communicate with the rest of the world when English isn’t your first language but most of those interested in your stuff live outside of Mexico?
-Talking musically people get hooked with our songs, for example i get really surprised to have physical distribution of our album first in europe than in southamerica because of the language barrier. We have more interaction with our spanish speakers fans, so we didn’t notice inmediately the aceptation that we were achieving in USA and Europe. We only have a song recorded in english with a very special guest singer (Gaby Koss ex haggard) the song is called Nova (join me to dream) and is included in our album “Sin Retorno” we expect that this song can put more english speakers to hear nostra morte.

When you release music it somehow has a way of finding a home in the remotest parts of the world. What is by far the most exotic place you have had response to your music from?
-Two years ago we received a mail from a person in southafrica that wants to make an interview with us. Before that a student form Turkey send us and interview script for their scholar newspaper. It’s really nice to know that there are people in all over the world listening to our music.

What plans are there for the future?
-We have just released here in Mexico an EP (nine songs) in a promotional low cost format, they are five thousand copies and we expect to have more people listening to us with this EP. So in the future we are planning to release another EP before our third studio full album. We are going to release our second videoclip from our second studio album by the beginnings of 2014. We are also planning our mexican 2014 tour, it would be our biggest tour ever. And hopefully we will be doing our southamerican tour.

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