In a world were there are so many bands to keep track of I want to bring my two cents in presenting you to this interview with NYCTOPHILE. Anders Ekdahl ©2019

When the band came into creation what was the main purpose for it?
-Its main purpose is to gather and unite the community of people who live in darkness and let them know that they are not alone. Life is a journey of ups and downs and sometimes life can deal more downs than ups. We want them to know that they are not alone and that music can unite us, even when things seems grim which is why our lyrics deal in a few different subject matters, like suicide, religion, loss of someone, etc.

How hard is it to come up with a sound that is all yours? What bits’n’pieces do you pick up from other stuff to make it your sound?
-Its not easy trying to create something new when it seems that it has been all done already but that doesn’t mean one can’t try to. Art is meant to be interpreted differently as any ones taste can vary just slightly. Though we wear the moniker of “melodic death metal”, we simply try to infuse different styles of black, death, and thrash metal with other variants to make our sound. If it needs synth section or choir, then we add it and see where it goes.

I have no idea what kind of creative process you guys go through but how hard is it to record and release new songs?
Everyone is involved in the process of writing and producing new material. You have 5 guys who grew up listening to different styles of music so the most difficult thing is to hone the skills to shape a new song. Recording isn’t an issue for us as we utilize our studio to be able to structure songs through recording and editing. Releasing new songs is also not an issue but more of timing thing. We released our debut album a little over a year ago and since then have enough songs for a second but the trick is to allow enough time before releasing another LP.

Today technology allows you to record at home and release your music digitally. But in doing so is there a risk that you release only single songs because that is what is demanded to stay atop and therefore you end up killing the album for example?
-That could be the case but it really comes down to proper planning and knowing how to market your brand. Releasing singles, if done right and are killer tracks, would create the anticipation needed for an album to be successful. In this digital age, content is everything because thats what fans want and want plenty of so having a strategy is key.

I for one feel that the change in how people listen to music today, by downloading it and expecting to get it for free, will kill music as we know it. What kind of future is there for music?
-The industry has to be open to reinventing itself and allowing itself to evolve accordingly. The actual purchase of physical media nowadays , i.e. CD’s, tapes, and vinyl, suggests that people buy to collect something they really like. With streaming services so widely used, it allows the fans to keep their purchases as collector items in hopes of it becoming a investment with a gain in the future and still be able to support the bands they love. Music will never die, just simply the old ways of thinking on how it can be distributed and how money can be made to support the band for the future.

What kind of responses do you get to your music? What has been the thing that has gotten the most attention?
-We’ve gotten very positive responses from fans and people in the industry. We’ve been so humbled by so many that have heard us online and live. The most attention has been the range of sound we have. We don’t limit ourselves while writing to fit in any specific genre and by doing so, it has allowed us to blend in to various genres of metal. Our sound has been referred to being “melodic death metal with balls.” Lol

We live in a world where there are no real distances between people communicating anymore. What has been the most surprising contact so far?
-Well, we were offered a tour in Russia a week after releasing the album so I guess that qualifies as surprising. Lol The most surprising for us is how many we have reached around the world without having done any marketing outside Southern California. Sometimes, the internet lets you have a win.

Does playing in a band make you feel like you are a part of a greater community? What has music brought with it that you would have otherwise missed out on?
-Of course! Music is an escape and sometimes a much needed distraction from daily life so sharing those mutual interest with others is what helps strengthen our community, whether it be locally or globally. Music gives others a voice or a sense of belonging. Whether it be an uplifting song or about depression, the connection people make to music and how it reflects with their moods is fascinating. Its hard to imagine what life would be like if music of any sort wasn’t a thing.

What is the live scene like for you? Do you feel that playing live helps building a bigger following?
-There is no greater feeling than being in a live setting, whether to watch a performance or performing to an audience. For those 30 minutes or so, you indulge your mind to euphoria. Those are special moments shared with that particular group of people that you get to hold on to for as long as you can remember.
Any band can sound good in studio, if done right of course, but live music is still the best energy you can consume. A great stage performance can definitely set you apart from other bands and create the buzz a local band needs to reach the next plateau and sustain themselves.

What plans do you have for the future?
-We plan on releasing a few new singles and a new music video in between performances. As like any other band, we’ll continue writing and plotting to take over the world or end it, which ever is most convenient.

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