I gotta admit that I’m not too familiar with Hendrik Bruns’ OBSCENITY even though they’ve been going for two decades. But as they say, it’s never too late to rectify it. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you’ve been going for more than 20 years and pretty much still is an underground entity what is it that keeps you going?
-Hi there ,first of all and thanx for interviewing us. The main thing, what keeps me going on in this fucking DM scene ,are my balls, hahaha ! Obscenity never had plans to go commercial. What keeps us going is the same thing that keeps all extreme musicians going, a passion for the extreme.

Has there ever been a feeling of you guys being overlooked or even overtaken by less deserving bands? How much frustration is there in being a 20+ band still doing the rounds in the middle section?
– It is like hell on earth when I see these young and untalented bands getting the best label contracts and the best support a band can get. But most of them are getting down faster as they believe. Only the best will survive, that’s for sure and a matter of fact. In the music business a lot has to do with luck and who you know. There is a lot of bullshit to be had so we are okay with being where we are.

What has been the high lights of Obscenity’s career so far?
– We had a few hundred shows in between. I like remembering the No Mercy Festivals with the Malevolent guys, Vader etc.. we shared the busses ,the stage and the alcohol together. Or for example the little tour with Six Feet Under… also these experiences I´ll never forget. The
biggest show was the With full Force in Eastern Germany with a few thousand guests. It was really amazing! A huge stage and lots of stage hands, and the crowd was fantastic! I think every record or CD release is a highlight for a band. Month and years full of hard work for a little moment of joy.

I guess inspiration must come easy living in the world we live in. What would you say is your main source of inspiration?
– Hmm, musically of course a lot of other great bands. I started listening to hard music in the late 70s early 80s with my all time faves Kiss. Then came Mötley Crüe and WASP. After some years Anthrax , Slayer and the other thrash metal bands came up with their cool style of metal sound. That was the ignition for me to start playing guitar. I got my first one in 1985 . A few years later Obscenity was born, when the first DM bands came over from the Florida scene. This scene was mostly important for our sound and the inspiration to play this style of metal. It’s hard to pinpoint one main source of
inspiration but if I had to pick the easy answer it’s “what’s fucked up in the world”. Then again I really don’t give a shit about what’s fucked up in the world but it is good for writing.

I like it when the whole package follows a theme, from art work to title to song titles to the music. How much of this do you think about when you write a new album
-That’s not so important for us at this stage in the game. Our new album “Atrophied In Anguish” does not have a centralized theme but maybe some future releases will. When I was started writing the first tracks I had no idea how everything will be when it is finished. I had no concept . The main reason is that I was writing the songs on my own for 95% on AiA. The former musicians
around me left the band a couple of months before. So it was in the position to write the album on my own. First of all I was a little angry of being left by the other guys. But after a while a
felt a little defiant by creating the new stuff, and at the end I was very proud to get a label contract with Apostasy Recs. Feels good !

What is the most important factor to being a death metal band? What is a no no as far as things that goes?
-The most important factor to being in a death metal band to me is you must be a good musician. Death metal is a small niche in music but a musically intensive one. Personally I would say a big no no is being religious and playing death metal. I find it fucking retarded when bands show an anti religion image and then go to church every Sunday. If you want to play religious music then join a fucking church choir.

When you’ve been at it this long you’ve seen trends with death metal come and go. What has been the most ridiculous so far?
– Not only DM . Many styles of metal had their weird sides. For example Black Metal. Don´t get me wrong I like BM but only the good ones. Most of them came up with the baddest sound u can get and the bloodiest face. That’s ugly, man! It is ridiculous! The next one I don´t understand is Viking Metal. What the hell is that? Idiots in fake fur and helmets! Most of these guys can’t play an instrument. They like role playing and fashion, that´s it.

What is the death metal scene like in Germany? Can it match the Swedish or the American?
– I don´t know the scenes in Sweden or the US. Our singer Jeff told me about the scene in Tampa FL. It seems to be dead since a couple o´years. Only a few survived. The scene in Germany seems to be huge. The biggest one is in eastern Germany. We have been playing there for many times. But it has changed a bit. I noticed a development from DM into Grindcore and Porngrind and stuff like that. Sadly another crop at the head of the DM scene.

When you release a new album is the feeling the same as it was when you released your first album? How important is that feeling?
-Always the same feeling like the first time, but not so intense like 1990. When we went in the studios to record the stuff we are fucking excited of course. How will it sound after finishing the recs and mixes?!?! Always under pressure how the fans will take the new stuff. And when you read all the good reviews in the mags, it feels like salvation. But finally when the artwork is done and the post man delivers the package with the cds , it´s like heaven.

What future is there to be had?
-Hopefully a brutal one where Death Metal stays underground as it is and continues to grow in that way.
-We´re gonna wait for the release, what is today! Hahaha . Gonna play some shows in Europe , printing merchandise and of course doing a lot of interviews. Beside that we have some really cool ideas for news songs. So we are gonna compose some new stuff in the next couple of month. Go
out and spread the message ! Thanx for interviewing , check out AiA and stay obscene !

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