Michael Vescera might be better known for stuff he’s done after OBSESSION but this is where it all started. If you’re not familiar with this classic American band then this is your chance. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Even though this isn’t a re-union since you guys released an album in 2006 it still feels like this is the real start. What was it that happened after 2006 that didn’t make Obsession a household name again?
-We feel there was a lack of promotion by the labels with “Carnival of Lies”. We were surprised how little press and acknowledgement there was regarding the release at the time. It was really unfortunate.

What was it in the first place that made you want to start anew again after a 15 year break?
-After we released the reissues there was a great interest throughout the world for the band to release a new record. I felt it was the right time to reform Obsession and bring it to levels never before accomplished.

Since you guys haven’t been out of the business during the break you were in touch with the scene but how different did it feel to be back where it all started 22 years later?
-It feels great. It is awesome to be able to introduce Obsession to a whole new fan base. We’re looking forware to this.

I’m of the belief that once you’ve released something you’re here forever. How strange does it feel to know that there are people that remember and still listen to the stuff you did in the 80s?
-It is incredible to know your music and hard work is still appreciated to this day.

How easy was it to start playing the old songs again? Did it feel like riding a bike?
-Yes, it was much like riding a bike, you get on and it all comes right back. It’s like really 2nd nature.

We all change with the years. How do you find your way back to a sound that is representative of Obsession?
-Obsession has always been a big part of my life and what I later became. To go back and revisit the true Obsession style comes naturally. I really feel the new members have a great understanding of this as well.

So now you are on to a second album since reforming. Does it this time feel like you are on to a winner and that you’ll keep building on the name Obsession?
-Yes, already we have been getting great response and we feel that this will take Obsession to a whole new level.

You guys were a part of that first wave of Californian heavy metal that was centered around Metal Blade. What was it like back then to be part of something that was new?
-It was really incredible to be a part of something like that at its inception. We had no idea at the time what we were part of, and how big it would get.

How much of a scene was there really? Just from looking at the track list to the Metal Massacre comps you’d think it was a huge one.
-The scene was surprisingly big. There were so many venues and fans of this type of music during that period. It truly was an amazing time for metal and bands like Obsession.

How do you plan on taking Obsession into the future?
-We are planning on a world tour to promote “Order of Chaos” and bringing Obsession to the next level. We will continue recording, releasing music and hope for a long successful venture.

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