Greece isn’t just Souvlaki and Ouzo. There’s also a music scene for us that likes things a bit harder. OCEAN MIND is proof of that. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

What intentions did you have when you formed Ocean Mind?
-Our goal was and always be a total exploration in psych/heavy rock sounds combined with poems and lyrics that can talk to the heart. Our biggest intention is to share our musical dreams with the audience.

How have these intentions been carried out so far? Do you feel that the band has become what you wanted or has it been better/worse?
-We’ve made great steps, one at a time. Our demo album followed by live performances then our trip to Los Angeles to record our new sounds. We have a daily progress working on new things so it’s getting better yes!

Do you feel that today there’s a bigger tolerance/acceptance of bands that are more alternative than the major label bands when it comes to working with top notch people? That money’s not the object like it used to be?
-Nowadays alternative bands are free to create without conciliation and you know, great songs are coming out cause of this. There’s a new spirit going on. The only thing that counts is a composition from the heart. If you have a song on that basis it can be appreciated by top notch people
so money it’s not the first thought. Besides, times are changing and world is changing spiritually ideologically and politically so art can’t be far from this.

When you head for the States to record what is it that you are looking for that you can’t get at home?
-Professionalism in sound and respect. We had a great team by our side with the motto”be a part of the work as a member and not as an employee”. Every musician deserves that.

How do you end up working with a big(ger) name producer?
-We wanted to move forward from our demo sound; it was so cult and heavy, experiencing back then with what we had, it was rock n’ roll, it was the primal walk but we wanted to develop our sound by mixing different things together and put them through a vintage tint. During that period we were talking with Lee Popa, he liked our songs and we get in touch to exchange ideas about our new album and what we had in mind, so he wanted to be our producer to level our sound by making a unique blend of heavy rock/psychedelic/stoner. His contribution was priceless.

What is the difference between working with a name producer and somebody not so known?
-You may say that working with a name producer would make things easier. His experience, vision and his resume would lead a band to the right pathway and the audience paying their respects on a producer that brought forth great bands to the light.

With being a three piece do you feel that this limits you? What are the advantages to being a three piece?
-If you can express what you feel with a three piece band then why could this limit you? Serving a song means much more than just playing a song. The sound gets more solid and more coherent by a three piece. And the musical explorations are more fluent too. Sometimes a minimal arrangement can touch your heart strings and it’s hard to believe that the song you’re just listened was actually played by a trio! We are major fans of rock/prog trios. From Cream and E.L.P. to Them Crooked Vultures lately,all trios have two things in common: flexibility and comunicative spirit.

What kind of expectations do you have on this new album?
-Our expectations are equal to our dream:sharing our sounds to bigger
audiences;we wish people to hang on to our new album, be a part of it and feel the vibes..

What kind of touring possibilities are there these days?
-Despite the fact that these days bands are not touring quite often or if they do they just go out for a couple of weeks, we’ll try to overcome difficulties cause we want to perform the new album wherever we can as long as we got the right backline. Playing a gig is like sharing a dream not a nightmare! We’d love to have some fun with the audience. We’re into that mood.

What future do you see for the band?
-Numerous performances and records that we all can be proud of. Ocean Mind came to us as an idea and ideas don’t fade away but keep growing.

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