If you like your metal Swedish you should check out OCTOBER TIDE if you haven’t already. Interview answered by Emil. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

From what I understand OCTOBER TIDE has been an on and off thing for a while. Where does the band stand nowadays?
-Yes, thats true. I guess you could divide the history of October Tide’s to two different eras. The first one with only Fred and Jonas as permanent members. They did start the band as new project since Katatonia at the time were paused. It was a recording band strictly and did not a single show until they stated October Tide dead. 10 years later Fred quit Katatonia and starting to fool around with some riffs that later became the rebirth of October Tide. And here we are, still alive!

Does the band benefit from your ties to better known bands when it comes to draw in new fans?
-Sure. It’s a part of our history and all our fans know the ties to Katatonia, especially now since Mattias joined October Tide. Katatonia light, haha.

What can fans expect from this new album?
-Pure darkness. Slow, gloomy darkness. We have been working with the arrangements on this album to fit our live setting, a traditional rock n roll line up with one rhythm and one lead guitar.
The heavy, steady drums keep it groovy and heavy. And the vocals is a hell of a ride. ..for sure!

Where would you say that you fit in on a metal map? What bands are you closest to in spirit?
-Some are eager to put us in the doom genre, but I don’t know. We do have some uptempo stuff that doesn’t fit my image of doom. Gloom metal? People who fancy bands like SWALLOW THE SUN and DAYLIGHT DIES as well as more “doomy” acts like SATURNUS and NOVEMBRE should not be disappointed by October Tide.

When you have a couple of albums to your name is it easier to write a new album knowing that you have a history to fall back on?
-Well, since I’m only been writing on this one I could not think in that way. I wanted to write some slow piece of metal and it turned out that mine track is one of fastest on the album. Fred really wanted to slow down on this one. Haha. He doesn’t want to repeat him self on every album and I think he really managed to do something new this time.

How would you like to rate the progress that OCTOBER TIDE has done from the very first album to this new one?
-The biggest progress is of course the fact that October Tide is performing live. And as I mentioned earlier, the intention of not repeating our selves, of not being stuck in a specific genre makes writing music more challenging.

How much of touring entity is OCTOBER TIDE? What does playing live bring to the band that you otherwise would miss out on?
-For a band who has been struggling with session musicians and line up changes since day one, we are now pretty damn happy with our line up and ability to perform as a complete band. Last in line to join is new vocalist Alexander and I guess if you seen us live recently you understand me when saying he’s the perfect singer for us. The way he takes in all the people coming to see us is just fantastic. And his voice is great, the old songs sounds amazing live.

How does digital download affect a band like OCTOBER TIDE? Is it only a bad thing for a band like yours or are there good things too that comes from downloading?
-No, it’s not a bad thing. I really like services like Spotify for streaming new music. And I still do buy records and I think the metal heads out there still does as well. I hope. At least you should by “tunnel of no light” guys! Haha..

What do social media mean to the band? Do you pay much attention to it?
-Yes, we do. When out touring we usually do updates, with pictures on our way to the venue, sound checking or just hanging out in what ever cool city we are at the moment. Last week end the did some “bredbent core” posing in front of the Vatican. People really seems to appreciate our micro tour blog on facebook.

What future is there for the band?
We are doing some live shows in Europe during this summer and more shows are being booked as we speak. Maybe we are able to do some longer tour as well.

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