OK so finding a band name might be a tough thing but don’t get this ODIUM mixed up with all the other bands out there with the same name. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I know of a Portuguese Odium, a Canadian Odium and now you guys. Does it ever create confusing using a band name that is already out there in the metal sphere?
-We use the name since 1993, so we are used to it and there´s no reason so far to think about a namechange.

When you started the band did you have a clear vision of what you wanted to sound like? What has been the biggest influence on your sound?
-When Rochus started the Band back in 1993 they decided to be a coverband. So they played Songs from Motörhead, Slayer, Metallica, Sodom and many others. Those Bands had great influences in the sound of the band.

How do you set yourself apart from all the other acts with the same name? Do you do so with the music alone?
-Of course it is our music and our appearance.

How hard is it to come up with a great band name that hasn’t already been taken?
-You know, it´s not just about the name, it is more what stands behind the name. What
I am saying is that a name is worth just as much as the band that stands behind the name!

As I have never been in a recording studio making an album I have no idea what it is like. Is there an element of stress to it in that you need to come up with a killer album or is it more of a relaxed situation?
-In the beginning everything is relaxed, everybody is curious about how it will sound and what it will be like. Getting closer to the end of the studio sessions it gets a bit stressful as there are different ideas to change this and that… extend some parts…put some more vocals here and there, an acoustic guitar here…

I’ve always wondered how bands get to know of the labels existence. Do you go by what they’ve released previously or is it just because they are the only ones showing an interest in the band? How desperate are you to sign to any label?
-Through the internet and magazines we are always in contact with the business. We see new labels rising and old labels disappearing. We saw that Noisehead Records were publishing a few albums and they did a good job. So we talked to them… And here it is…Beautiful Violence! We would not sign to any label, we had some offers and we have chosen the best!

When it comes to art work and such how much of a say do you have in what ends up on the cover?
-Thanks to NHR, we could choose the design we liked most. For us it was important to have a new design…and Joseph Mercieca from Eclipse Media in Malta did a great job!

How hard is it to find and pick the right kind of art work? Is it important that it fits the ideas of the album?
-With the first notes of the album the design is growing in your mind. And as you continue song by song it gets clearer and clearer. The design must fit to the ingredients…

In what way do you best promote an album today? Does the label do the hardest work or do you as a band too have to add you two cents to the promotion of the band/album?
-You know, if we are talking about promotion the label and the band has to do their best! We promote our album when we play live in front of new people. This is real Promotion. The label pulls the strings behind the scenes…Internet, magazines, radiostations and so on. To get the best result out of it all we all have to work hand in hand.

What would you like to see the future bring with it
-We want to play live all over Europe. Would be great to be a part of a tourpackage. Hey…how about getting ODIUM to Sweden??????

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