OLDE might contain members from other bands. Not that it should matter any way because this band stands strong on its own feet. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

With what intent did you form OLDE?
Chad Davis: The intent has always been the power music. This music was created to bring back the ways of the old style of pagan heavy metal. But we also wanted to bring in a sense of pride and understanding of the old ways of our existence.

How do you feel that the end result match the intention?
-The end result of the recordings is beyond my expectations. When listening to this music is quite evident where the power came from, and where the intent let the sound. I couldn’t possibly be happier with recording this record.

When you do something like this, who is the driving force and what does the other involved bring to the table?
-My inner self is definitely the drive of this music. When I had began to write this music, I knew by the sound of the riffs and the atmosphere that this record would be amazing. What is completely finished, I knew that my feelings are correct.

How pleased are you with the way the album turned out?
-I think the recordings of the tune capture the atmosphere of the sound quite well. A lot of the times when bands record this type of music, I feel like the atmosphere is lost in over production. You can have the cleanest sounding record ever, but if the atmosphere is not there then you have absolutely nothing. Atmosphere in this type of music I believe is everything.

What is it that you expect people will react to with this album by OLDE?
-I don’t think that I really expect any one type of reaction from this music. I think that there’s gonna be people out there that really dig it, but I also think on the opposite end of the spectrum that they’ll be people out there that will try and discredit it. However you look at it, this music was written for myself. I know how special it is to me, and if people really latch on to it then that’s great. If they also get the message, then that’s even better.

Is there an aesthetic side to OLDE too or is it just about the music?
-The atmosphere is the aesthetic. The sense of pagan pride is the aesthetic. The lifestyle I leadhave to be able to create this kind of music is the aesthetic. Life in general is the ascethetic.

Something I often wonder about is how your band mates react when your side project gets more attention than your main act? How do keep everybody happy?
-All of my bands exist for the sole purpose of that one band only. There has never been any friction over any of the bands that I’m part of. They are each their own entity, and they all have following to themselves. There has not been any problems, and I do not foresee any problems do arise.

How do you return to your “day job” if your side project turns out to be more successful? Do you bring with you anything that can be used in your main band?
-Each band has music written to their own personal sound. I would never cross over the OLDE music to a band such as HOUR OF 13. All ofthe my bands exist for their own soul purpose.

Does it matter what label it is that releases your music in terms to get it out to the right people?
-I think it is extremely important that a band and they labeled co-exist for each other. I’ve had way too many run ins with labels dealing with my bands that have not turned out to be a positive experience. I feel labels should definitely understand bands and their needs. If there is no communication between bands and labels and there is no wayfor bands to be able to do what they need, then it seems like a failed beginning already.

Where do you take it from here?
-When this record is out, then we will be getting on to the next record. In OLDE, We are not too concerned with progression in the music. We of course do not want to record the same record over and over again, but we feel that our sound our message and intent will always be the core of the band.

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