11012321_10152593966012105_587897360_nSome bands let the music do the talking. Even in interviews. Read this interview and then go and check out Swedish band ÖMHETEN’s music. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

Let the music do the talking then… Why should I pick up your album if I see it in a distro list or at my local record dealer?
-It is a bit special. The album means alot to me. It is my first album. I have always dreamed about releasing an album. The album is awsome.

What is this ds black metal, or is it just ds metal or funeral ds metal that you play?
-It is anger and trouble. I have recently dumped my girlfriend. I just do the dsbm cuz I like to play.

Is there an aesthetic to the style of metal you play that you have to adhere to?
-Yes alot. My life is upside down. There is alot of black metal right now.

What kinda bands influences you? What influences you?
-The album is alot influenced by my life. It is the revenge on my life. I like to listen to Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Sabaton.

Why is there such a fascination about death and misery in the arts?
-Cuz it is my life. Alot of stuff has happend in my life. The album is a part of all that.

Do you feel that just by being Swedish you get extra attention that you would not get had you come from somewhere else?
-I have no idea. I just wanna play. It is alot of hard work.

Are you a part of the Swedish metal wonder? What is the Swedish metal wonder?
-I dont know.

How will you promote this new record? What ways are the best to promote an album today?
-I dont know. The others have to help with that I think.

Is digital killing music?
-I dont know. Both.

Will there be a future?
-I hope we can do another album. I want to play live as well. I hope this album will do well.

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